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where is the cerebral jester?
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

madonna's thoughts

here is a video made by an artist named nick san pedro (interesting name considering he's a madonna fan huh?). you can check out his work at www.nicksanpedro.com
he is a brilliant painter and has done some amazing portraits of famous and not so famous madonna photographs. i think it would be great if she hired him to use all of his paintings in the booklet for her supposed 25th anniversary box set coming out next year. there are so many talented madonna fans out there..she should take advantage of it!

i discovered this video on the hilarious yet comically controversial blog called madonna's thoughts... it's pretending to be madonna's actual blog and it's chock full of funny shit supposedly from the queen's mouth herself...check out the recipes...they are hysterical

madonna's thoughts

are you a gay senator?

Some may find it offensive but i think it's hilarious and makes fun of Craig's situation and doesn't really attack the gay community itself. If you don't know what i'm talking about at all...get a tv or just google Larry Craig and throw in the word "lewd" for good measure...i'm sure you'll find a lot of stories on a lot of different websites and blogs eheh
As part of its coverage of Sen. Larry Craig’s (R-ID) arrest for “lewd conduct” in an airport bathroom, the tabloid-y New York Post posted a sidebar questionnaire on its website today asking “are you a gay Senator?” The questions are filled with gay stereotypes like “do you sing showtunes in the car between political events?” and “did you quit the ‘Singing Senators’ because the bow ties didn’t match the seersucker suits?”

source www.nymag.com

You know what? We're getting pretty bored by the New York Post's homophobia. For a while, we giggled at "Page Six"'s use of archaic adjectives like "swishy" and "limp-wristed" to describe gay subjects. We tried to find the humor in cartoonist Sean Delonas's offensive portrayal of cartoon queers (they're always drawn with exaggerated lips and eyelashes, and one leg kicked flamboyantly upward). We always figured it was one or two holdovers from an earlier tabloid age that contributed these faux pas. But today's Larry Craig–inspired graphic sidebar, "Are You a Gay Senator," includes such juvenile, unfunny stereotypes that it's clear the editorial staff still has no idea what's appropriate. If blacks or Jews, for example, were painted in such broad strokes, there'd be widespread uproar. What's most offensive, we think, is that none of it is ever funny. These are the people who came up with "Headless Body Found in Topless Bar" – they can't even come up with a clever butt-sex pun?

chauncey treat

i'm usually always posting dance floor killers and dirty electro bleep bleeps but this time i wanted to bring it down a notch and share a song from the newish timbaland album featuring one republic called "apologize". it's a really beautiful song and it really shows his versatility as a producer. it also gives me hope that he could pull out a gem like this for madonna's upcoming album...we need a really awesome madonna ballad soon...it's been a long long time enjoy timbaland featuring one republic - apologize

Thursday, August 23, 2007

happy 6th anniversary?

R U Ready for mainstream 9/11 Truth for the Mature?

The sixth anniversary of the 9/11 events will be commemorated
in New York City by a historic gathering of researchers,
authors, film-makers and activists to procl..

Speakers include:
Richard Gage – Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth
Webster Tarpley – Historian, Author
William Pepper, Esq. – International Attorney, author of “Act of State”
Alfred Webre – Attorney, organizer of International Tribunal on 9/11
Ralph Schoenman & Mya Shone – hosts of Taking Aim Radio
April Gallop – Pentagon Survivor
Kevin Barrett – Professor of Islamic Studies
Jim Fetzer – Founder of Scholars For 9/11 Truth
Sofia – Producer of “9/11 Mysteries”
Crockett Grabbe - Astro-physicist
Craig Ranke, Citizen Investigation Team, Researcher and
Co-Creator of The PentaCon
Bernard White – Station manager, WBAI
Frank Morales – Pastor, Winner of “2007 Project Censored” Award
Robin Hordon – Former Flight Controller
Jesse Richard – TVNewsLies.org
Lenny Charles – INN World Report
Father Lawrence Lucas – Priest, Deputy Director NYC Corrections Dept.
Dr. Faiz Kahn – ER Triage Specialist
and more to be announced...

Now hundreds of academics, architects, scientists, engineers, retired military and intelligence professionals have come forward to challenge the official account of 9/11 which has never been satisfactorily proven or authentically investigated.

Polls show that as high as 84% of Americans think the government has lied, has covered up information, or was in some way involved.

Although the mainstream media has failed to ask the hard questions, there is an overwhelming accumulation of evidence that points to 9/11 being what the “Project For A New American Century” referred to as a “new Pearl Harbor” to carry out their agenda for “full spectrum dominance”.

Come hear experts present the facts that break through the official myths and bring you new awareness. Learn how our impression of reality has been “engineered,” with a media that works overtime to reinforce the “Big Lie”.

Though hearing the hard evidence is important, this event will be more than passively listening. You can be part of the solution to break through the illusion, realize our power, and effectively mobilize for dramatic changes that recreate our political, social, and economic reality.

Tickets are now available. For details click here.

More details are coming soon. We'll have details available for download in the Program section at least a week before 9/11/07. Email any questions to us at info@ny911truth.org.

Evidence + Knowledge + Vision + ACTION = POWER TO THE PEOPLE
Be part of this equation this weekend!

Check back often for updates and downloads!

Sponsored by NY 9/11 Truth

on and on and on the beat goes...

much speculation surrounds this "leaked" track from madonna. supposedly it's not on the album...supposedly it's the first single...supposedly it's a b-side...supposedly it's a lot of things..

i absolutely love it! it is definitely a grower but i was into it after the first listen. the chorus is so so so cute when her voice goes really high...she's really singing on this track...the beginning starts out raw and it transforms into an infectious summer jam!

hear for yourself!

madonna - the beat goes on

*the picture above is a masterpiece by robster from the madonna forum world...he's always putting madonna's head on top of other people's bodies magically through photoshop...he needs to design one of her actual cd covers he's so good!

burn the bush!

Bush compares Iraq to Vietnam

US President George W Bush has adopted the risky strategy of invoking the Vietnam war to bolster his case for why American forces need to stay in Iraq.

Mr Bush claims there was a catastrophe in south-east Asia after US forces left Vietnam and something similar could happen in the Middle East.

He says Vietnam and other US involvements in Asia were not popular at the time and critics labelled them futile, but they eventually led to lasting peace.

Mr Bush often uses historical comparisons when urging patience about Iraq, but this focus on Asia is an attempt to get sceptics to rethink their positions.

Mr Bush has addressed the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a group which represents two million veterans.

"Three decades later, there is a legitimate debate about how we got into the Vietnam War and how we left," he said.

"Whatever your position in that debate, one unmistakable legacy of Vietnam is that the price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens, whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like 'boat people,' 're-education camps' and 'killing fields'."

'Another quagmire'

But a former adviser to four presidents and a professor at Harbord's John F Kennedy School of Government, David Gergen, says Mr Bush is on dangerous territory.

"By invoking Vietnam you raise the automatic question, 'Well if you've learned so much from history, Mr President, how did you ever get us involved in another quagmire?'," he said.

"Why didn't you learn up front about the perils of Vietnam and what we faced there?

"And Vietnam and Korea of course were not victories for America - Korea ended in a draw and Vietnam ended in a loss."

The top US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, and US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker are to report to Congress before September 15 on the effects of the troop surge Mr Bush ordered in January.

The report will serve as the basis for Mr Bush's decisions about the way forward in Iraq and he is insisting the security crackdown led by the US troop surge is paying off.

"Our troops are seeing the progress that is being made on the ground," he said.

"As they take the initiative from the enemy, they have a question - will their elected leaders in Washington pull the rug out from under them just as they're gaining momentum and changing the dynamic on the ground in Iraq?"

Meanwhile Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says Iraq would fall apart and regional wars would develop if US-led coalition forces were to suddenly withdraw from his country.

"The sudden withdrawal of American troops in Iraq would cause the collapse of Iraq and will lead to the disintegration of and division within Iraq," he said.

"Sudden withdrawal would also mean regional interventions and conflicts. These conflicts will drag the region into regional wars."

American influence

Mr Bush is also arguing American sacrifices on the Korean peninsula helped to preserve a democratic South Korea, and helping Japan become a democracy has produced an invaluable American ally.

He referred to Japan as a model of Iraq, in that militarist Japan, after its surrender in World War II, became a democracy on the back of US support.

"In the aftermath of Japan's surrender, many thought it naive to help the Japanese transform themselves into a democracy," he said.

"Then, as now, the critics argued that some people were simply not fit for freedom. Today, in defiance of the critics, Japan ... stands as one of the world's great free societies."

Mr Bush is planning another speech on the Iraq war for next week, this time on its implications for the broader Middle East.

- ABC/AFP/Kyodo

culture club - the war song

Sunday, August 12, 2007

low point for high point

this is just despicable yet so typical coming from the place that our beloved president is from. i'm glad this is making the rounds a bit on news blogs and stuff and i felt it fitting to post here to add to my reporting of the gloom and doom of modern society...

ARLINGTON, Texas - A megachurch canceled a memorial service for a Navy veteran 24 hours before it was to start because the deceased was gay.

Officials at the nondenominational High Point Church knew that Cecil Howard Sinclair was gay when they offered to host his service, said his sister, Kathleen Wright. But after his obituary listed his life partner as one of his survivors, she said, it was called off.

"It's a slap in the face. It's like, 'Oh, we're sorry he died, but he's gay so we can't help you,'" she said Friday.

Wright said High Point offered to hold the service for Sinclair because their brother is a janitor there. Sinclair, who served in the first Gulf War, died Monday at age 46 from an infection after surgery to prepare him for a heart transplant.

The church's pastor, the Rev. Gary Simons, said no one knew Sinclair, who was not a church member, was gay until the day before the Thursday service, when staff members putting together his video tribute saw pictures of men "engaging in clear affection, kissing and embracing."

Simons said the church believes homosexuality is a sin, and it would have appeared to endorse that lifestyle if the service had been held there.

"We did decline to host the service — not based on hatred, not based on discrimination, but based on principle," Simons told The Associated Press. "Had we known it on the day they first spoke about it — yes, we would have declined then. It's not that we didn't love the family."

Simons said the decision had nothing to do with the obituary. He said the church offered to pay for another site for the service, made the video and provided food for more than 100 relatives and friends.

"Even though we could not condone that lifestyle, we went above and beyond for the family through many acts of love and kindness," Simons said.

Wright called the church's claim about the pictures "a bold-faced lie." She said she provided numerous family pictures of Sinclair, including some with his partner, but said none showed men kissing or hugging.

The 5,000-member High Point Church was founded in 2000 by Simons and his wife, April, whose brother is Joel Osteen, well-known pastor of the 38,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston. Now High Point meets in a 432,000-square-foot facility in Arlington, near Dallas.

Wright said relatives declined the church's offer to hold the service at a community center because they felt it was an inappropriate venue. It ultimately was held at a funeral home, but the cancellation still lingered in some minds, she said.

chauncey treat

here's a delicously dreary track by van she that builds up into a fantastic crescendo of modern technology. van she has done some brilliant remixes for a lot of different artists that i admire and it's nice to hear some of their own creations. also very interested in the group nightmoves that did this particular remix. this is another track that definitely captures my signature style.


van she - sex city (nightmoves remix)

around the world in 80 minutes

this is fascinating! i wonder who will be the first guests?

BARCELONA (Aug. 10) - "Galactic Suite," the first hotel planned in space, expects to open for business in 2012 and would allow guests to travel around the world in 80 minutes.

Its Barcelona-based architects say the space hotel will be the most expensive in the galaxy, costing $4 million for a three-day stay.

During that time guests would see the sun rise 15 times a day and use Velcro suits to crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman.

Company director Xavier Claramunt says the three-bedroom boutique hotel's joined up pod structure, which makes it look like a model of molecules, was dictated by the fact that each pod room had to fit inside a rocket to be taken into space.

"It's the bathrooms in zero gravity that are the biggest challenge," says Claramunt. "How to accommodate the more intimate activities of the guests is not easy."

But they may have solved the issue of how to take a shower in weightlessness -- the guests will enter a spa room in which bubbles of water will float around.

When guests are not admiring the view from their portholes they will take part in scientific experiments on space travel.

Galactic Suite began as a hobby for former aerospace engineer Claramunt, until a space enthusiast decided to make the science fiction fantasy a reality by fronting most of the $3 billion needed to build the hotel.

An American company intent on colonizing Mars, which sees Galaxy Suite as a first step, has since come on board, and private investors from Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are in talks.

If Claramunt is secretive about the identity of his generous backer, he is more forthcoming about the custom he can expect.

"We have calculated that there are 40,000 people in the world who could afford to stay at the hotel. Whether they will want to spend money on going into space, we just don't know."

Four million dollars might be a lot to spend on a holiday, but those in the nascent space tourism industry say hoteliers have been slow on the uptake because no one thought the cost of space travel would come down as quickly as it has.

Galactic Suite said the price included not only three nights in space. Guests also get eight weeks of intensive training at a James Bond-style space camp on a tropical island.

"There is fear associated with going into space," said Claramunt. "That's why the shuttle rocket will remain fixed to the space hotel for the duration of the guests' stay, so they know they can get home again."

In an era of concern over climate change, Galaxy Suite have no plans so far to offset the pollution implications of sending a rocket to carry just six guests at a time into space.

"But," says Claramunt, "I'm hopeful that the impact of seeing the earth from a distance will stimulate the guests' urge to value and protect our planet."

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the "mouthpiece" of young republicans

this is just absolutely brilliant!

Thursday, August 9, 2007 / 11:03 AM

On July 7, after a six-month campaign, 33-year-old Glenn Murphy was elected chairman of the venerable Young Republican National Foundation.

Last week, however, Murphy resigned in a strange email, explaining that a "life-altering" business deal had arisen, and after praying with his family he had decided to pursue this new opportunity. For some reason, Murphy could no longer represent a political party, a "gut-wrenching dilemma" that forced him to step down from his new office.

In fact, as bloggers soon made public, Murphy had been accused of criminal deviate conduct, a class B felony, after attempting to have sex with a sleeping man July 29.

According to a police report from Clark County, Indiana, Murphy, the victim and the victim's sister had been drinking at a Young Republican party the previous night. The revelers wound up at the sister's home, where Murphy got into a top bunk bed and the victim took the bottom.

Sometime that morning, the victim awoke to find Murphy, in his words, "holding my dick with one hand and sucking my dick with his mouth," police records state. The man kicked Murphy off and left the house.

Later that day, Murphy called the victim to explain that he had found himself lying on the floor beside the man's bunk. The victim, Murphy said, had fondled Murphy's hair in his sleep, so Murphy took this gesture as a green light for further intimacy. Unconvinced by this scenario, and unmoved by Murphy's pleadings, the man filed a complaint.

This was apparently not the first time Murphy had been unable to control his attraction to unconscious men. Another Clark County police report described an incident in 1998 in which Murphy crawled under the covers of a sleeping acquaintance "and was committing the act of oral sex when (the victim) awoke." The victim's girlfriend, who was in the same room at the time, heard her friend yell and observed Murphy extracting himself from the bedclothes and leaving the room.

Evidently, the 1998 incident stayed under wraps, since Murphy went on to become the county leader of the Young Republicans later that year. According to the local press, he served two terms as the head of the Indiana Young Republicans, and has been the Clark County GOP chairman since 2001.

The national group, an organization of Republicans aged 18 to 40, was founded in 1931.
After his election last month, Murphy said he hoped to double the organization's membership by November 2008.

"I will essentially be the mouthpiece and effective leader for tens of thousands of Young Republicans, 18 to 40, across the country," he said. All references to Murphy have now been erased from the Young Republican Web site. (Ann Rostow, Gay.com)


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