where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Monday, July 27, 2009

alternative 'beetlejuice' flyer and 'bear hugs' teaser!!

well welcome to america...myspace deleted my other 'beetlejuice' flyer for my madonna tribute because it showed her little bum in the photo i used...i was planning on making a couple different versions of the flyer anyway so i quickly made the one above to get the word out on myspace as soon as i could....what do you think?

and below is the teaser promo for my newest monthly party in williamsburg at hugs called...'bear hugs' haha....go figure!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

the kiki twins are 'geometry in motion'!

often times, when a relatively new act hits the scene the very first things that occur are comparisons to other artists and rants about their absence of originality, devilishly trying to discount talent and transform it into theivery.  with the kiki twins, that party has no power!  there are obvious references to poignant moments of popular culture in their fashions, purpose and poses but lt and ac feed you with their fierce performances and musical style with the meatiness of pure joy and fun (which happens to be the name of their upcoming album), marinated in a deliciously unhealthy amount of cunt and camp.  the serious fact that they don't take themselves too seriously is what keeps the kiki alive!   are you listening lady gaga?

the new video for the kiki twins' newest single is finished and it is brilliant!
check out their site here

and now...commence the kiki!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Look @ Madonna's 'Celebration'

the new beetlejuice flyer is ready!

Friday, July 17, 2009

queen (a portrait of madonna) by candice breitz

Strike a pose

Madonna fans become stars of a mesmerizing video installation at the MFA

by Laura Bennett from www.boston.com

At the Museum of Fine Arts, rowdy verses of “Like a Virgin’’ drift through the halls like a siren song. On one wall, dozens of Madonna fans sing lustily in a grid of video screens as museum visitors pause to gape. Some passersby stare in a slack-jawed trance. Some chuckle and tap their feet. Some cringe in vicarious embarrassment at the off-key renditions of “Justify My Love.’’ But everyone is rapt, hypnotized by the rows of faces and the dissonant strains of familiar tunes.

The installation, created by South African video artist Candice Breitz, is part of the exhibit “Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs,’’ which runs through Feb. 21 at the MFA. Called “Queen (A Portrait of Madonna),’’ the piece features 30 Madonna superfans - each filmed individually by Breitz - singing along to all 73 minutes of the pop icon’s “Immaculate Collection’’ album. Since we hear only the voices and not the music, the pauses between songs are particularly weighted; the people in the videos abandon their antics and become themselves again, laughing sheepishly or smoothing wayward strands of hair. The overall effect has the raw voyeuristic magnetism of reality TV - with a beat.

“I have no idea what it means,’’ says Nash Hott, 18, of Indianapolis, his eyes glazed as he watches the screens. “But I can’t turn away.’’

The videos - each with a life-size face positioned in front of a white curtain - present a colorful array of characters. Some add their own vocal flourishes, sassy “ooh-whoas’’ and “oh yeahs.’’ Others brandish such props as magic wands and feather boas. A man in the center, swaying as he sings, sports a voluminous mohawk, bright streaks of blush, and iridescent blue eye shadow. A heavily-bronzed woman jabs her fists to the beat, while another with a wild mop of hair tosses her head fiercely. A guy in a cowboy hat casts come-hither looks at the camera.

“If the music’s pumping it will give you new life,’’ they sing, embodying the theme of “Vogue.’’ “You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are, you know it . . .’’

“This piece is about our relationship to celebrities,’’ explains William Stover, the exhibit’s curator. “When you see these people onscreen, you understand the influence Madonna has had on them. [Breitz] keeps her own intervention to a minimum and lets the fans be who they are, and that’s liberating for us to watch.’’

Breitz is fascinated by the faceless swarms of people who consume pop culture fanatically and build their lives around it, Stover says. While the icons they emulate can be seen everywhere, the fans remain invisible.

To find her subjects, Breitz published ads in Italian newspapers and on Madonna fan sites. She filmed them in Milan, and many don’t speak a word of English except the lyrics to “The Immaculate Collection.’’ But amidst the spectacle of shimmying shoulders and belted high notes, their Italian origins aren’t obvious.

“This piece looks very American,’’ says Christopher Doyle of Salem. “There’s such a variety of backgrounds.’’

The crowd at the museum late one afternoon is almost as diverse as the videos. Children wander in and gawk. Older couples look on bemusedly. Teenagers huddle and point, snickering. Masae Kellog, 35, of San Francisco, bounces her shoulders along with the music. “This makes me forget about all the stress in my life,’’ she says. “It’s so upbeat and refreshing.’’

Lena Sawyer, 16, of Colorado Springs, smiles and shakes her head. “I can’t stop looking to see which one is me,’’ she says. “I think I’d be that girl.’’ She points to a subdued brunette singing demurely in a corner screen.

William Norris, a retired lawyer from Northampton, crosses his arms and peers over his spectacles. “You really get a sense of community watching this,’’ he says. “I’m neither a Madonna fan nor not a Madonna fan. But this is like a chorus, and it almost makes you feel as though you’re part of it.’’

Vihann Kong, of Watertown, grins as he looks from screen to screen. “This piece is fundamentally 21st century,’’ he said. “Everyone puts videos online to showcase themselves these days. But do these people even know that anyone is watching them? They’re just having fun, singing out loud. I’m not sure exactly why, but it makes me really happy to watch.’’

Some think the power of the piece comes from the collective charge of 30 voices joined in clumsy unison. Some feel that it’s the disorientation of hearing Madonna’s songs revamped and reassembled, filtered through so many different personalities. And others say it’s the dual illusion of privacy and performance: the way the people on the screens seem to be at once mugging for the camera and blissfully unaware of our ogling. But whatever the reason, the effect is mesmerizing.

“It’s different from some modern art where you think, ‘Hmm, I don’t really understand that,’ ’’ Kong says. “But here, everyone knows the words. Everyone understands.’’

And then, as the gallery swells with the chorus to “Like a Prayer,’’ Kong starts to sing along.

Laura Bennett can be reached at lbennett@globe.com.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

city of water day 2009 on governors island saturday, july 18th!

i just found out that i am going to be volunteering this saturday, stage managing the performances!

governors island will be the new fire island in my book...once the gays catch on and trust me it has begun...next sunday is 'bears on the beach' check it out at the woofington post haha

it's a magical place filled with the ghosts of a young new york city and a fetal america...i highly recommend visiting at least once!


Fun with a Purpose

Imagine a day when all metropolitan area residents can not only get to a stretch of waterfront -- once there, they can enjoy it and use it. Realize the promise of our waterfront on July 18 when the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance presents City of Water Day on Governors Island.

Last year, City of Water Day drew more than 7,000 people and 200 boats -- the biggest one-day crowd of visitors in the island's history. This year is sure to be even bigger. In demonstrating our harbor's potential for recreation, education, jobs and transportation, City of Water Day realizes, if only for one day, much of the Waterfront Action Agenda. For example,

1. The goal of Blue Highways is demonstrated by food and supplies being brought in by barge and visitors coming by ferry, kayak and sailboat

2. The promise of A Green Harbor is strengthened by all City of Water Day boat tours fueled with biofuel, all food waste composted and all bottled water in biodegradable bottles

3. The vision of A Waterfront Town is realized with new docks utilized for this event

Read on for highlights of the astonishing -- dare we say ridiculous -- array of free entertainment.


Hundreds of kayakers, canoers, and sailors converging on the island from launch points throughout the region

Fun and FREE boat tours*** on historic and educational vessels—City of Water Day Festival boat tours are booked.  But please come take part in all the day's exciting waterfront activities and enjoy a beautiful day on Governors Island. 

Delicious food from Vendy Award winning vendors from the Street Vendor Project
An exciting line-up of local bands

Special children’s activities, like the fishing, arts and crafts, rides, and a Kids Race sponsored New York Road Runners

The Waterfront Action Fair, where you can learn how to do your part for the waterfront

A special kick-off event headlined by VIP speakers at Pier 17 (the South Street Seaport).
***All boat tours are booked, but come anyway!! There's lots to do.
For Directions to the Event, click here.

happy birthday hedda lettuce!

in honour of the great hedda lettuce's birthday...here's an ad for boy butter she made...when the gigs get fewer as you get older...the infomercials start sliding in....it happens to the best of them...

happy birthday hedda! thank god they invented crispers!!

annie lennox - backwards/forwards

Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards
click the graphic above to go to dj earworm's brilliant official site.  thank you spatchula jones from facebook for introducing me to this masterpiece!! 
i posted the video for the song below so just in case it gets removed you'll know where to find it.  this might be the best editing job in history.  it is a perfection three punch... aurally, visually and annie lennoxly haha...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

orginal poetry - association

Inka Essenhigh, Subway
artwork by inka essenhigh

a man's voice echoed
and he began his nursery rhyme
'who the hell is running this train?'
'what association...?'
the bullet shall come in time

inconsistent and brief pauses
intermingled with the jingle
of his off kilter, cacaphonic sing song
wash, rinse and repeat to fade
a humid hundred degrees underground
inches below the surface
cradled with mosaic ceramic curtains
the puss of newfound pestilence
jiggles like gelatin
buffering the cracks and crumbles
vandalized by the magma of mediocrity
wallet, grab, swipe
insufficient fair
dirty steps lubricating clumsy
my rhythm and my blue greens
turning vermillion against turbulent skies
your amber prism has been watching your wings
lightening up you halo of choreographed horseflies
peck, crackle, pop
chew, nibble, spitoon
homemade aromas of piss and shit
arm wrestle the time away
dancing through septic scented tunnels
irrigating the farms with brain and brawn

i am alone in this indecency
i am alone in this here agenda
my stars share their delightful duty
and brighten up and irritate your eyes
scarlet unsent letters of longing
born of the moonshine of tonight
you look away from the legless man
and stand up on your own two feet
grasping the baubles and beads
that decorate your heartless bosom

i am not afraid of what you say you see
your miscalculations tend to entertain me
my volcano is forever unpredictable
on that you can count on for sure
defying it seems its own definition
put away your perfect prophecy
written decades ago by your discipline
and wash your feet free of
the sweet dye on your violet whine
until then you are foliage
in the garden before my garden
not pretty enough to arrange
not dire enough destroy

chauncey treat - the sun is down

this is one of my favourite camera phone shots i have taken thus far...who knew seventh avenue had such a perfect view of paradise in the evening?

sorry it has been so long since i have garnered you all with a simple chauncey treat but i keep forgetting to post any of the amazing songs i have been finding lately.  my friend hector...i mean luis...introduced me to this song with a quick snippet from his ipod and i just had to grab the whole track to hear for myself.  yoko certainly doesn't hold back any of her wonderfully eccentric spices on this track.  i haven't heard much from cornelius in ages and am glad his return is a sweet, electrically burdened remixed track for the beatle buster herself...if you like your music formulaic and easy to digest...please don't click on the link....you'll get indigestion!

yoko ono - the sun is down (cornelius remix)

Monday, July 13, 2009

my new promo card

i recently had a little exercise in opacity and came up with this promo card/business card for myself with all my websites and how to get in touch with me....what do you think?

hire me....hire me now!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

more on hx! : Bank Offloads HX Magazine News | Advocate.com

writer's colony, a new comedy by david allyn

my friend christopher is in the cast!!! i'm going on wednesday night for any of you paparazzi that want to catch me out on the town...

Robert Grant is a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and the object of everyone's affections. But will he choose his former lover Nicole, so desperate to publish her memoir she's ready to destroy Robert and just about everyone else in the process? Or Elizabeth, a Yale-trained performance artist with a dark streak? Or maybe Jared, who is also busy hitting on Brad, a gossip columnist from You Magazine. And is Robert really who he's cracked up to be? Welcome to a sweet summer day at the Mountaindale Writers Retreat, where everyone's a critic and no one's as innocent as they seem.

Writer's Colony

A sparkling new comedy about six writers trapped in a writers colony in Vermont, each one more ambitious, less ethical and more sexually frustrated than the next.

Written by David Allyn
Directed by Jay Aubrey
Part of the Fresh Fruit Festival

Tues, July 14 @ 6pm
Wed, July 15 @ 9:30pm
Thurs, July 16 @ 9pm
Fri, July 17 @ 8pm

Purchase tickets at:


David Beck*
Christopher Burris*
Alison Goldberg*
Kyle Minshew
Corey Tazmania*
David Mitsch*

*Appearing Courtesy of AEA

Produced by: Fresh Fruit Festival
Assistant Producers: David Allyn, Alyssa Nitchum
Graphic Designer: Scott Yardley
Assistant Director: Misha Polonsky
Stage Manager: John Steever

“[David Allyn] is a wicked observer of self-conscious people at their less than best.”
-- Bob Morris, The New York Times

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the end of an era

hx magazine, long standing gay new york nightlife 'bible' of sorts, was sold at the end of june...wrapping up one final year of pride before sending all of its loyal employees to unemployment.  (i heard that they let them work the entire day and then told them at the end that they no longer had jobs...but hearsay is rampant especially when it comes to a gay themed, oftened gossippy magazine about nightlife).  here is the official announcement followed by a few photos of my appearances in the magazine over the years.  gosh...i remember when i first came out and hx was basically a pamphlet of black and white copy stapled together in the center by hand!

HX Media, LLC CEO Matthew Bank announces today that HX Magazine and the web site hx.com have been sold. The new owners of HX Magazine will be releasing details and information on their plans for the future of the title shortly. In the meantime, Bank and HX Magazine Publisher Gary Lacinski will be assisting them in the transition.

HX Magazine issue 931 dated July 10th, which will be released on July 3rd, will be the last one produced by HX Media and its staff.

"We've had an incredible time creating what we feel is the best local gay magazine the world has ever seen," says Bank, "and I am proud that even in this difficult economy we were able to ensure that this magazine that is dear to the hearts of so many readers will be able to continue under capable new ownership."

The terms of the transaction remain confidential.

HX Media, LLC still owns and operates The New York Blade newspaper and its Expo division, which produces the HX Gay & Lesbian Travel Expos, HX Gay Life Expo, and HX Gay Erotic Expo. These businesses were not part of the sale.

pam ann terrorist!

this is truly brilliant!   check it out....also pam ann chats about none other than madonna haha

See how Mona, Donna, Valarie, Sarah and Lilly all deal with a terrorist on thier plane in thier own unique way!

Friday, July 10, 2009

green pink caviar by marilyn minter!

MARILYN DOES MADONNA: Madonna fans heading to the latest leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour, which kicks back off in London on Saturday, are in for a surprise. The opening song, “Candyshop,” will be performed under a pair of giant luscious, pink lips licking and sucking on sparkly gold, orange, silver and green goo. The nine-minute video, titled “Green Pink Caviar,” is a new addition to the tour courtesy of artist Marilyn Minter, whose photographic work is in Madonna’s personal collection. “When I heard Madonna might be interested [in the video], I said, ‘Wow, how much does she want me to pay her?’” laughs Minter, who was initially told it was too late to insert anything into the tour. Apparently it was too good to resist and became part of the show.

“Then [Madonna] actually paid me a bunch of money and sent tickets,” said Minter, who is on her way to the U.K. for her first-ever Madonna concert to see her video in action.

here's a short trailer of the short film....it's disgustingly amazing! haha

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

st. cloud @ south paw 7/9/09

thursday, july 9th
125 fifth avenue
brooklyn, ny
8:00 pm
- 11:00 pm

my dear friend and former coworker, joy dragland, fronts the mesmerizingly brilliant band St. Cloud.  this thursday, they will be performing at southpaw in brooklyn for the very first time!  their songs are deliciously epic tales of love and life wrapped up in a colourful palate of folk, jazz, rhythm and blues and sheer, honest, flawless musicianship and craft.  the untouchable beauty of joy dragland can only be matched by her voice...when her mouth opens a rainbow of sonic sorcery exudes whether in the form of a somber, violet, understated coo all the way through to a vivacious, fiery red growl and every colour inbetween.   here's a little note from joy herself about the gig.  hope to see you there!

hello rainbow-catchers,
enriched with special guests: Leo Sidran, Bjorn Solli & John Hadfield, st. cloud will play at SOUTHPAW (so exciting) this thursday night at 9pm. if you've never been, southpaw is pretty much the most fabulous brooklyn nightclub out of my childhood Pretty in Pink fantasies....

complete with photobooth.

this is also the first show featuring a full drum kit, but don't worry...you will still be rocked softly, and yet; more completely than ever...plus there is a new song!
we are really excited about this show!!!

check out the facebook event page here

for the complete schedule of thursday night's performers and for directions to the venue please visit the southpaw website here

sticky & sweet 2.0

madonna's record breaking world tour has begun its second leg this past weekend and here are some fantastic clips of the show!   check out the massively reworked and sexified version of 'vogue' with her new hairdo and the most amazing addition...'frozen'!  the choreography is absolutely amazing and there's a nice little surprise during the bridge!  enjoy!  i wish she would come back to america with this new updated show...sniffle sniffle...

Monday, July 6, 2009

'beetlejuice' is a success!

last night....the kids came out to nowhere bar for my monthly 'beetlejuice' party in full force...and they stuck around and had a gay ole time! this month's theme was 'nowhere is burning' fashioned after gay cult classic documentary 'paris is burning'...a grimey look into the late 80s and early 90s voguing/house scene of nyc. the monthly party features music released strictly between the years of 1986 through 1995 and this film came out in 1990..smack dab in the middle. naturally, there was a voguing contest at midnight and the winner paul recieved a vintage record of mfsb's 'love is the message'...a song that was a voguing staple and also was heavily sampled for future voguing anthems including madonna's 'vogue'. whether is was busy or not last night was the deciding factor as to whether i would go forward and continue the party or not and i must say i have no choice but to keep trucking on with my quirky once a month soire! next month's party is on sunday, august 2nd. the theme hasn't been set but there will definitely be more of the same shenanigans and all around chill, relaxed good time to be had by all!


here's a little video the tiger made of me and patrick singing jane child's 'don't wanna fall in love'...we were pretty sloshed at the time hehe


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