where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, September 30, 2006

the queen of the universe

dj Chauncey D Definite Eleven

October 2006

1. fish go deep - the cure and the cause (dennis ferrer mix)
2. coldcut feat. robert owens - walk a mile (tiga mix)
3. the knife - we share our mother's health (trentemoller mix)
4. peace division - blacklight sleaze
5. hot chip - just like we break down (dfa mix)
6. the gossip - listen up (mstrkrft mix)
7. cicada - the things you say
8. peaches - downtown (simian mobile disco mix)
9. sugiurumn - star baby (axwell mix)
10. the presets - the girl and the sea
11. flat pack - sweet child of mine (mylo mix)

a chauncey treat

from time to time i will be uploading music and video files for you to enjoy...here's the first. it's the studio version of Erotica/You Thrill Me from Madonna's recent Confessions Tour...so delicious!

madonna - erotica/you thrill me (confessions tour mix)

omega and alpha

ah...the last day of september...it's been an interesting year so far...had a short lived dj gig on fire island over the summer, was a voracious activist on same-sex marriage and anti-gay violence, joined myspace and got joyfully reunited with an old dear friend of mine, fell in love once, fell in lust a thousand times, saw Madonna in concert three times, got a brand new laptop (that needs to be fixed right now) and have added a bunch of new things to my list of things to do...
among my thousands of aspirations and inspirations, one of them is to maintain a proper blog. I know it's the trendy thing to do these days and I know I'll get grumpy when no one visits my blog regularly but I am going to give it one last try...hehe. I currently am a dj, a writer of poetry and lyrics and prose, working on becoming a musician (have some collaborations on the backburner as always), a philosopher and critic and activist. This blog will reflect all the things happening in and around my life. I am also a doorman at a gay bar on Second Avenue in the East Village of Manhattan and have witnessed some really crazy and some really mundane and disconcerting events surrounding the bar and gay nightlife in general...expect to hear some interesting stories...

i will post reviews of new music releases, films and other events in popular and unpopular culture
i will post some original poetry and maybe some recurring storylines and themes
i will post some of my favourite links and other places to visit
i will post jokes and drunken ramblings and all that jazz

Thanks for clicking and will catch up with you soon,

Chauncey D

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