where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

'holler & squall' and my unhealthy fascination with...

old, gloriously creepy dolls!!!

today and next saturday i am working at zak and gillette's new store in lovely cobble hill called 'holler & squall'. i used to work with both of them at housingworks thrift shop until they scurried off to ashville, north carolina. they returned a few months later and got hitched...kind of a weird form of eloping but not really. they are an amazing couple and truly perfect for each other. the store is about two weeks old and features some amazing antique and vintage furniture, collectibles, housewares and my favourite.....dolls! here's some pictures of the store and macabre photo essay of sorts featuring my favourite subjects...enjoy! (or at least try to haha)

the store is located at 71 atlantic avenue in cobble hill, brooklyn. definitely check it out sometime because there are some amazing pieces for sale at very reasonable prices and it is the perfect place to pick up a present for the person who has everything or some demented fool like me that likes really weird shit.

check out the holler & squall blog to find out all the other amazing things they have available!

Friday, June 19, 2009

neighborhood blogwatch : red threat & feel my bicep


peaked bicep by cltmuscledude66

awesome blogs featuring some of the hottest tracks you can find online...check it out and bookmark it bitch!   they both also feature amazing artwork, concert dates and lots more.  these two sites certainly have my attention and inspire me to be a sharper and funkier blogger...

electronik supersonik!

Elektronik Supersonik - Zlad -

for mermaids and light!



¨°º¤ø„¸ OPTIC VERVE ø¤º°¨



join us for a Spaghetti Dinner of shining radiance celebrating the Summer Solstice and Coney Island Mermaid Day!


See! Hear!

Light shows!

Electrifying sights and sites!

Sparkling exploration of luminosity!

Serious sensual delights for the eye, ear, nose, and mind!

This cavalcade of thespians of the theater of light includes magic lantern shows, stunning projections, insane reflective lozenges, fantastic drag queen histories, illuminated scrolls, lantern processions, firefly effects, and a celebration of Brooks McNamara and Stefan Brecht’s illuminating words; all this performed by poets, drag queens and kings, mermaids, puppeteers, soul singers, dangerous architectural lighting designers, and other illuminati.


TORCH SONGS by XAVIER with Avi-Fox Rosen

PROJECTIONS by Molly Ross, celebrated lantern procession
and magic lantern slide queen from Baltimore’s Nana Projects

rare footage capturing faces and places of New York City’s
vibrant male and female impersonation scene

LIGHT INSANITY by Tillett Lighting
world-famous street illuminators and closet light clowns

from Great Small Works’ Rikers Island Academy Project

O. P. FANTASIA shadows
by puppet master Stephen Kaplin & Friends
rocking the overhead projector

Poet and Illuminating Chronicler of the Theater of the City of New York
& Sparkling Historian of the Spectacular!

FRAGRANCES by Jennifer Harris

and MORE...

SATURDAY, June 20, 2009, 7:30 p.m.
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South, NYC
Info: 917-319-8104
Suggested Donation $15 (no one turned away)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

rough-n-hard pride ball in the red room @ the park...wednesday, june 24th!

in the RED ROOM @ The Park

10th Avenue @ 17th Street
Wednesday, June 24th
$5.00 in advance...$10 at the door
to rsvp click here for the facebook event page
dirty beats to dance to or do whatever else to

Friday, June 12, 2009

Should You Boycott Rockstar? :: EDGE New York City

Should You Boycott Rockstar? :: EDGE New York City

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

original poetry by chauncey d

'the berlin wall'

one hand shorter than the other
flailing about all day long
clapping, pointing in the wrong direction
meeting only twice or a few times more
still my heart is not still
after all these months
after all these anniversaries
i haven't worked on a saturday
since the last time i saw you on a saturday
so today, a saturday, i saw you again
still angry
angry at you
angry at me
angry at cocaine and vodka
for being the bricks and mortar
of the berlin wall
separating what we had
from what we may have had

and it all sounds pathetic
like some schoolgirl scribblings
on the golden yellow notebook back
thick, meaty yet unforgiving
everyone can see the stains
everyone can see that my hair is messy

it all certainly sounds pathetic
because my oils have all been incestuous
and the murky facade is hard to interpret
not sure whether i was in love with you
or just in love with the idea of being in love with you
with anyone

i way we met was the early chords of a fairy tale
the kind summoned by a campfire
the kind you can tell with the warmest smile
to your grandchild
to a stranger
to your best friend
to the police officer
to the paramedic
to your mother and your father
for the wall came down
and came down hard
all the king's horses
and all the king's men
have no power here anymore
'bittersweet barbecue'

so i spent the fourth of july all alone
comically contemplating the country i live in
simultaneously watching the fireworks
from my bedroom window
and the television too
while politically correct chord changes
spewed from perfectly selected song choices
soundtracking the festivities
with symmetrically faced pop stars
went through their patriotic motions
harmonizing about oceans white with foam
and pleading for some deity to bless america

it never seemed so staged and choreographed
as it did this time this year
but maybe i hadn't sat through the live broadcast
since i was a child
since i was either preoccupied, naive
or a clownish combination of both
amazed at the presence that absence can command
as not one mention of the disney world war we're within
bursted in the air to match the ambulance red glare
epileptic and ominous
chilling the muggy midsummer night's dream
just a few too many miss americas
in black and yellow and creamy tapioca skin
sporting their expensive mesmerizing smiles
while red, white and blue umbrellas
protected everyone from the acid raindrops
i wandered over to my window
to bring down the pane to stop the storm
from dribbling into my solace
shutting out the boring smell of barbecue
along with it the sulfur from the nearby burning sky
i turned off the television for the last time
and sat down with pad and pen
to figure out my list of hellos
and goodbyes

'the stolen pillow'
so here i lay on my living room floor
a stolen pillow under my elbows
a shy breeze from the east harlem streets below
teasing me every hour on the hour
with comfort
with connection
the chitter chatter folded in with lumpy screams and raspy yells
outside my window
inside my head

i am definitely becoming somewhat of a hermit these days
i finally noticed after much too much
unclear whether i have become anti-social
or whether i'm just morbidly underpaid

i wanna be on top of the world
instead of on the top floor of this brownstone
i wanna be on top of my game
instead of selling hot dogs in the stands
but not matter how many times
i mix up the gigantic letters
the same few words still come out the same...

historicalculations chapter one - why do cats have nine lives?

this is the first entry of my newest series of posts called 'historicalculations'...etymology, language, the origin of old wives tales and urban myths and similar quirky questions have always fascinated me since i was a child.  when i hear one of these myths, old sayings, legends and other anomalies that captures my curiosity i will do a little research and present a few possibilities of the quotient and you can add up, multiply, subtract and divide until you decided for yourself the most probable answer....and here it goes...

Where did the phrase
'CATS HAVE NINE LIVES' originate from?

"Attempts have been made to trace the origin of the common expression back to ancient Egypt. It is often said that Pasht, or Bastet, the cat-headed goddess of Egypt, had nine lives and that this circumstance gave rise to the old saying about a cat having nine lives. Egyptologists, however, say that they have found no evidence for the statement. In fact Bastet, being a goddess, would be regarded as immortal. Nine, however, was a favorite number in Egypt, as well as with other ancient orientals, and it may have somehow been associated with the cat-headed goddess."

"Legend has it that Baldwin III, Count of Ypres, threw some cats from a tower in AD962. The Belgian town still marks the event with an annual cat festival."

During the "Witchhunts" of the medieval period, it was believed that a witch could turn herself into a cat, and then back to her human form. It was believed that she could do this 8 times, but on the ninth time, she would forever be stuck in the cat form.

"A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays." - English/American proverb

The miracles of the middle ages became the science of the 19th century, when the cat's remarkable ability to survive a fall was finally explained. In 1894, the French physiologist Etienne-Jules Marey held a cat upside down by its legs and dropped it. The resultant film, captured by a camera that took 60 images a second, demonstrates how a cat lands on its feet. As the cat falls, an automatic twisting reaction begins and the cat manoeuvres its head, back, legs and tail to lessen the impact. Cats, it seems, have an instinct for physics.

and here's what the smart guys have to say about our feline friends and their tango with immortality...

Nine Lives: Cats' Central Nervous System Can Repair Itself And Restore Function

not a 'figment' of your imagination!

What are you bringing to FIGMENT? A costume? Twister? A picnic? Your friends? A frisbee? Cupcakes?

We’re in the final countdown, and while you can find everything at http://www.FIGMENTnyc.org, we wanted to make sure you have all the info you need. Season-long art has already been installed on Governors Island, and our mini-golf team reports that kids were so enthusiastic to play that they helped install the course last weekend!

When you arrive at FIGMENT, you’ll have the opportunity to experience 400 art pieces, projects, and performances… with only one common theme: you …

click the map to get a better look at the way the space is divided and to find out who is participating and releasing their valiant art into the universe with sheer abandon. my roomate doug has been involved with figment for many a year i believe and will be presenting his piece featuring two guest vocal appearances by myself and my other roomate mel...

i'm so looking forward to witnessing this event in person...all i have to do now is figure out how to get to governor's island...but for now please visit the figment website for more information regarding this momentous, annual festival!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

they still make great videos vol. 601

outside of your comfort zone


the bougie black show (season 2 episode 10) 'outside of your comfort zone'

Hosted by author and cultural critic Stephen Earley Jordan II, he
discusses issues of race, class, and gender. This episode he discusses
students being bribed to pass classes; is wearing a dashiki mean you're
dressing hippy; Twitter, and his new addiction to it while the hatred
spews on Facebook; Pelham 1, 2, 3 movie with Denzel Washington;
Stepping outside of your comfort zone; perfect July 4th vacations and
my fascination with spanish-speaking countries; NYC gay pride and
marriage laws.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

happy queens pride!

i've been to the parade many, many times and its wonderfully insane over in jackson heights!   it's certainly the most bilingual of gay pride celebrations...jackson heights leans itself to a certain kind of haven for the latino community in general so most of the gay bars in that area are flavoured with some heavy hispanic spice...unfortunately i'm prepping for my 'beetlejuice' party later on tonight @ nowhere bar in the east village but i'm certainly there in spirit because after a six year hiatus i somehow found myself living in the magical borough of queens in astoria...

looking forward to brooklyn pride!  its a tradition with a couple friends who live over there and then the last sunday of this month is the big shebang for manhattan pride!!

so...a big couture pose to all the queens in queens!  
happy gay pride!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

dj chauncey d's definite eleven june 2009!

june 2009

the following eleven tracks, in no particular order, are the tracks that currently make my sonic spine tingle!   these are the kinds of songs that i cannot wait to play at my next gig!   most of them are dancefloor stompers backed with delicious brimstone beats and bleeps but a few are slightly more mellow in comparison but still tainted with a filthy and sexy soundscape to take you to another galaxy!
coming soon....a special new monthly party brought to you by robert valin (producer of the recent urban bear weekend) is kicking off gay pride week on wednesday, june 24th in the red room at the park...more details to follow.  i have selected several of the 11 songs and have dropped them in a box...click the mini chauncey to download what i have prepared for you!   i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

check out rob's new bear blog "the woofington post"My Photo
for all things furry and filthy in nyc.

#jackson jackson - all alone (grafton primary remix)
#filthy dukes - don't fall softly
#esser - headlock (james rutledge remix & the big pink remix)
#silversun pickups - panic switch (chin and troublemaker remix)
#peaches - mud
#lenka - trouble is a friend (sharkslayer nassau remix & eli escobar remix)
#friendly fires - skeleton boy (paul epworth version)
#yuksek - extraball
#poney poney - when do you wanna stop working? (pacific remix)
#in flagranti - sorry i'm terribly sensitive
#douster - for weirdos only (momma's boy remix)

<----click me for a whole box of chauncey treats!

Friday, June 5, 2009

rogue to the music!

'beetlejuice' this sunday!!!

entering its fifth month....chauncey d's first completely self run monthly party is still going strong!

is a night of guaranteed fun..filled with only songs released between
the years of 1986 and 1995. yes...freestyle, classic house, new jack
swing, hair metal, even some grunge thrown in for good measure. it's a
giddy sing a long one minute and a dirty dance off the next.

all about having a simple, good time while dj chauncey d takes you
back...just not that far back...to places you might be a little
embarrassed to return to....but you won't be alone...

so come and take a sip of the 'beetlejuice'!!!

click here for the facebook event page

Thursday, June 4, 2009

madonna - miles away (official video leaked!)

so many months too late....or perhaps a couple weeks early for the start of the second leg of madonna's sticky and sweet tour, the supposed official concert footage based video for the 'miles away' single leaked today.... below are some screen caps to get you prepared....enjoy!

art over jane street

today i was helping tiger clean his skylight in preparation to make his apartment spiffy so that it sells for tons of money and i found the opportunity to snap some artsy fartsy photos of some withered and wonky rooftop acoutrements...take a look!


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