where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

things change

the cerebral jester has now become the house of dandridge!   thank you for all your support and comments and love over the last four years...i needed to start something fresh and new and without limitations....i hope you will follow!

love beams and brimstone beats,

chauncey d

Sunday, November 8, 2009

chauncey treat - russian boat commander

den haan - russian boat commander

this is one of those tracks that sneaks up on you and devours your soul!  it starts out with a seemingly innocent feel good but still haunting disco vibe but then you find yourself stuck in a murky delight of sonic sludge~

don't you understand?  he's here to take your man!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

inspiration vs. typography...neither party loses

i was blogjogging last night and found some amazing, amazing jpegs of posters and other graphic artistry online that i just had to share with you...some of it is a little contrived but graphic design must be or it is comedy...take a look for yourself!






the rest of the blog is utterly fantastic...you feel like you are somewhere in the early 2100's

check it out  

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

are you orally fixated?

how hot does roisin murphy look on the cover of her new single 'orally fixated'?   well the song is just as hot!   i know a few friends who are going to love hearing this!   it's a sick nudisco, brimstone romp through that will surely be on my setlists.   cannot wait for the whole album and the remixes for this track alone....thank you goddess for giving us roisin murphy!  click the hot cover for the track...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ken ya pay my rent daddy?

Posted Image
Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken is a Real Doll
by Brett Singer Oct 31st 2009 1:50PM

Categories: In The News, Weird But True, Toys & Games, Fashion & Clothing

The new Ken doll is beyond fabulous. Credit: Mattel Inc.
Barbie and Ken have come a long way since they first came out. But is Ken ready to, um, come out in a different way?

The Internet is all abuzz with news of the Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll. Retailer Entertainment Earth is taking preorders for the doll, scheduled for release in April 2010.


A word of explanation -- in this case, the phrase Sugar Daddy does not refer to the candy bar. Urban Dictionary describes the term thusly: "A man (usually older and well-off) who financially supports a younger woman (or man) in exchange for sex and companionship.

Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken won't be alone in Florida with his little white dog (readers of the site Topless Robot think the pooch should be named "Precious"). The doll is part of a series called Barbie Palm Beach, which includes the Barbie Palm Beach Swimsuit Doll, the Barbie Palm Beach Caftan Doll and the Barbie Palm Beach Coral Doll, which is the most expensive offering at $174.99. The least expensive of the line, the $14.32 Barbie Beach Party Pool Playset, is sold out at the moment. We truly hope it will be in stock soon. Otherwise where will Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken dunk his pedicure whilst sipping his third Sex on the Beach?

When we first heard about the spanking new Ken, we thought it was a PhotoShopped hoax. Turns out, this Mattel doll is the real deal.

"It's a legitimate concept that leaked out," admitted Michelle Chidoni, Mattel spokesperson.

"We have a group called the Barbie Collector Group, targeted toward the adult, fashion-minded consumer," she told ParentDish, adding that the group is some eight million strong. "The collector community has a message board and this doll concept leaked onto the message board."

"We've explored this character, but it's not finalized," she added. "The concepts that we're talking about now are for 2010-2011. This was a character we explored and that's the long and short of it. But these aren't dolls you'll see at Toys R Us."

This isn't the first time Mattel came up with a controversial Barbie. Last year's Tippi Hedren Barbie, from her role in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, had three ravens attacking her ensemble, much to some collectors' dismay.

Now that we know about the adult collection, we have a few suggestions of our own: Octo-Barbie, Jon Ken/Kate Barbie, Lady Gaga Barbie and our fave, Britney Barbie who sings Womanizer to K-Fed Ken.

everybody loves a spooner!

Philip Spooner is a lifetime Republican, World War II veteran and, to everyone's surprise, a gay marriage supporter. The 86-year-old gave a heartfelt speech in support of gay marriage to Maine's Judiciary Committee back in April, and the video has just now become an internet hit.

Spooner's voice wavers often as he weaves his own life story into the speech, using his experience as a soldier as his main defense for gay marriage. He lists his accomplishments in the war, among them serving in Patton's Third Army and carrying POWs back home, making it clear that he's a true American -- and according to Spooner, there's nothing more American than fighting for equality.

"I am here today because of a conversation I had last June when I was voting. A woman at my polling place asked me, "Do you believe in equal, equality for gay and lesbian people?" I was pretty surprised to be asked a question like that. It made no sense to me. Finally I asked her, "What do you think our boys fought for at Omaha Beach?" I haven't seen much, so much blood and guts, so much suffering, much sacrifice. For what? For freedom and equality. These are the values that give America a great nation, one worth dying for."

Philip Spooner - www.EqualityMaine.org

Sunday, November 1, 2009

beetlejuice tonight! daddy tomorrow!


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