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where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

sugar baby love

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another chauncey treat

here's the (i think) demo version or mix of the b-side called "history" on madonna's new "jump" ep. this version is far superior to the final version that appears on the single released next week. it's a really hot song that totally should have been included on the confessions on a dancefloor album but it's nice to get a little treat almost a year after that masterpiece was released. enjoy!

madonna - history

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dayum Jake!

Monday, October 16, 2006

things to do

if you can...go see my actor/singer friend Christopher Burris this thursday sing his big ole heart out...
October 19th @ 7pm
Triad Theatre
158 W 72nd Street (between Columbus & Amsterdam)
$15 + 2 drink minimum

Thursday, October 12, 2006

funny bunny

Check out this funny animation site where bunnies reenact some horror movies in 30 seconds! The Excorcist is pretty funny....so is the Freddy vs. Jason one...

A little treat to get you into the Halloween spirit!


Dimitri & my Mother

Last night I saw my friend Dmitri perform at Don't Tell Mama's in midtown on restaurant row. The small price to pay of walking quickly through that alien part of the city where tourists intermingle with souvenir hustlers and too bright billboards was worth the show I was about to see. Dmitri and me became friends about two years ago while I was working the door at The Urge and I immediately became a fan of his music. He is an original blend of pop and underground recalling early Depeche Mode and other new wave influences and acoustic folk mixed with synth lines galore. I've seen all four shows that he's done at Don't Tell Mama's, a lovely streak I dare not break. Usually his shows consist of a few covers and mostly his original music, but last night was the reverse. He gave us a nasty, dirty slowed down jazzy version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean", a heartwrenching performance of I believe Marc Anthony's "No Me Conoces" (one of three all in Spanish songs which the non Latin delivered with immaculate enunciation and fervor), and three powerful originals that were some of my personal favourites as well. But, the personal highlight for me was his gorgeous recreation of Madonna's "Promise To Try" from her Like A Prayer album in which he delivered the attachment of losing his own mother years ago. The most ominously touching for me because last night was eleven years to the very day I lost my own mother back in 1995.

I can't believe it's been eleven years since my own and everyone else's childhood nightmare became reality. I was 19 at the time, living in my first apartment alone and so much has happened since then, so much has changed, my heart has aged and my soul has been tainted by my journey through life and love. Last night certainly was a emotional storm that I handled with solemn strength and Dmitri added a special little tribute to his mother and mine unknowingly. Thank You Dimitri....Thank You Mom!

Friday, October 6, 2006

a quick question...

was talking to a friend...who asked me how long the president would still be in office and unfortunately i had to say...until 2008...but the question that i sparked was....the rumour right now is that it could possibly be Rudy Guiliani vs. Hilary Clinton....and basically we could rework that as mafia vs. vagina

the question is not who would win...but if Hilary Clinton became the very first female president of the united states of america.....what would we call Bill Clinton?

a. the first lord (the generic opposite of lady)
b. a schmuck
c. former president clinton
d. power bottom
e. the first mister

any answers? any suggestions?

Thursday, October 5, 2006

enough is enough

Streisand Snipes at Bush in Concert

By Jon Hurdle
Thursday, October 5, 2006; 9:44 AM

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Barbra Streisand opened her first U.S. tour in 12 years on Wednesday with a show that ridiculed her political nemesis, President George W. Bush.

Before a capacity crowd of some 16,000 people at South Philadelphia's Wachovia Center, Streisand gave assured renditions of standards from her long career as a singer and actress including "Funny Girl," "Come Rain or Come Shine," "Love Soft as an Easy Chair," and "Somewhere."

The show also featured a skit where an actor playing Bush uttered such lines as, "I'm concerned about the national debt, so I'm selling Canada," and "If I cared about the polls I would have run for president of Poland."

Streisand, 64, a longtime liberal activist, said she was coming out of retirement to raise money for her foundation, which supports a range of causes related to the environment, education, health care and other issues.

Wearing a black sequin outfit with a slit skirt for the first half of the show and a black gown and shawl with gold trim after the interval, Streisand sat at a tall swivel chair at the front of the stage and at different times during the two and a half hour show moved upstage on a series of walkways around the orchestra.

She explained her reliance on a teleprompter by recalling that she had been so traumatized by forgetting the words to three songs at a 1967 concert in New York she had stopped giving live concerts for more than 20 years. She declared six years ago that she would not play live anymore.

Ron Long, 62, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, said he had been a fan of Streisand's for 45 years and this was the first time he had seen her in concert. "Her voice is just as good as it was in the early '60s. She is godly," said Long, who paid $750 for two tickets and was happy the money was going to the foundation.

Dave Vignola, 55, from Gibbstown, New Jersey, paid $750 apiece for three tickets and called it a unique opportunity to see the singer he had been following for decades.

"She may never come around again," he said.

here's some original poetry for you

i'm finally writing again and it must mean i'm happy or inspired or both or maybe just the act of writing itself brings me joy and satisfaction...maybe i was in another one of those self-proclaimed coccoons...repairing my motors and gears...busy designing the style and color of my newest set of wings i wrote this while sitting on the train...scribbling away while sitting still yet flying in reverse in a backwards seat...not going back in time but forward in life....enjoy

usually intentionally avoiding the cliche

dare i say with hallmarkian zest
with echoes of an afterschool special
when it rains it pours

either feast or famine

usually eros leaves me

something you should never do
to a burning candle
yet when he decides to pull back his bow
and launch one of his ornery arrows
he tends to target more than one man for me to ponder and pine over to overcrowd my head to overcrowd my heart
with fantasies and feverish frollicks

through my cantankerous libido jungle

instead of denying myself these pleasures

and claiming my fortress is not complete enough

to welcome another knight at my side
i am going to march full force

into a battle of the kind
i've rarely fought in

the only way to experience is to try
the only way to learn is from a mistake

the only way to happiness is through

the only way to die is to have lived

photo by James Bidgood

cumming soon

i cannot wait for the new Joe Phillips animated gay feature "Stonewall @ Riot" to be released! and finally it shall arrive on Halloween!

Remember 2002 GayVN Award winner "House of Morecock"? Director Joe Phillips is back at it again with "Stonewall & Riot", an adult animated full-length feature starring a gay superhero duo. Stonewall is the former playboy turned protector of the weak, and Riot is his sidekick, always "eager to get to the bottom of things". They live in Eros City, battling and fucking a myriad of super villans, like Polecat (a cat-crazed go-go boy), Str8-Boy (drunk and sexually confused), and Professor Prophylactic (made of liquid latex). With enemies like these, who needs friends? Unfortunately, the DVD isn't set to be released till October, but there's a great trailer at the official website.
Stonewall & Riot

a chauncey treat

check out this filthy remix of peaches' "downtown" by simian

peaches - downtown (simian mobile disco remix)


vote vote vote

my friends David and Maria from Fuck Ohio Films have entered a contest on youtube.com for Halloween. There are only about three days left and i would love it if you gave them a five star rating to help them win. also look out for the upcoming release of their latest feature film "I Know My Last Name Isn't Coppolla" in which i have a supporting role!

click here to vote

Monday, October 2, 2006

film binge

i have been on a film binge as of late...i've seen "The Black Dahlia" (well done but obviously a Hollywood film and Hilary Swank actually plays a real woman in this one hehe), "Sherrybaby" (absolutely brilliant...Maggie Gyllenhaal has quite a future...go and see it) and also caught a Chelsea Classics showing of Joan Crawford in "Flamingo Road" (always great to catch up on your Crawford....) and a French 3d animated film called "Renaissance" that blew me away! Yesterday I caught "Half Nelson" and "The Science of Sleep" a dizzying film about human interaction that was disturbing and disorienting with stop start animation and surreal and confusing dreamscapes all within one man's head portrayed superbly by Gael Garcia Bernal while on his quest to make Stephanie played wonderfully by Charlotte Gainsbourg...i definitely have to see this one again to help digest the intensely confusing although brilliant story. This the second time in two weeks that i caught two films in one day.....this is a surprisingly healthy addiction for me i must say and my selections have been quite rewarding....

The two standouts are:

with a trippy future France setting with eye popping stark black and white 3d animation and a high paced ferocious storyline, i couldn't wait to recommend this to pretty much everyone i knew that had good taste in art and film. The film really put you in a trance and turned you into a fly on the wall of another world and time backed by a desperate plot filled with twists and turns that tricked me until the end. Go see it!
When 22-year-old Ilona (voice of Romola Garai) is abruptly kidnapped, Barthélémy Karas (voice of Daniel Craig), a Paris cop with a hard-fought reputation for finding anyone, is called into action. As the trail gets hot, Karas senses he's not the only one looking for the beautiful enigma, and every witness he digs up seems to turn up dead. Set in Paris in 2054, director Christian Volckman's bold vision of a stark near-future takes film noir to its most stylized edge, utilizing live action motion capture, animated in 3D and rendered in high contrast black and white to create a graphic novel come-to-life. Co-starring Jonathan Pryce and Ian Holm.

"Half Nelson"
was absolutely amazing! The acting was intense both by the most adorable and talented Ryan Gosling and brazen newcomer Shareeka Epps. It was a dreary whirlpool of a film drowning you in the desperation and loneliness in both characters who develop an awkward and unusual comradery. I definitely want to check out other Gosling films and other films directed by Ryan Fleck, his cinematography was fantastic along with the gritty quality of the film. I also watched it after a rough night at the bar (and a certain prescription pill that i didn't have a prescription for) and that added to the experience for sure.
Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling) is a young inner-city junior high school teacher whose ideals wither and die in the face of reality. Day after day in his shabby Brooklyn classroom, he somehow finds the energy to inspire his 13 and 14-year-olds to examine everything from civil rights to the Civil War with a new enthusiasm. Rejecting the standard curriculum in favor of an edgier approach, Dan teaches his students how change works – on both a historical and personal scale – and how to think for themselves. Though Dan is brilliant, dynamic, and in control in the classroom, he spends his time outside school on the edge of consciousness. His disappointments and disillusionment have led to a serious drug habit. He juggles his hangovers and his homework, keeping his lives separated, until one of his troubled students, Drey (Shareeka Epps), catches him getting high after school. From this awkward beginning, Dan and Drey stumble into an unexpected friendship. Despite the differences in their ages and situations, they are both at an important intersection. Depending on which way they turn – and which choices they make – their lives will change.


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