where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Monday, August 17, 2009

johnny vicious has a 'celebration'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bear : hugs is finally here!!!

Hot off of the success of "Beetlejuice" @ Nowhere Bar, a fun and frisky look back at the late 80's and early 90's that takes place the first Sunday of every month, DJ Chauncey D kicks off his newest monthly party tonight in Williamsburg! The newest hunky habitat to be is Hugs on North 6th Street...just a short walk from the Bedford stop on the L train. Tonight, August 13th marks the debut of Bear : Hugs, Chauncey's pre-weekend bash for dancing bears and their admirers! For more info please visit the facebook event page here

Thursday, August 6, 2009

excerpts from my upcoming book of original poetry!!!!!!!

so i recently got reconnected with my dear friend (and sister) roman (who used to go by miranda to my lucinda) and i sent him a gigantic file filled with poetry i had written years ago that was just sitting and collecting virtual dust on my hard drive.  he read all of it...several times might i add...and sent me back a healthy amount of them that would fit properly together and within the same binding.  i'm so excited!  i'm going to be publishing my very first book soon!!  yikes!

here are a few excerpts that i found interesting...especially reading them after over 8 years...hope you enjoy!!

“The Cyborg”

Peaceful bliss
Without a rocking chair
Without a recliner
I feel the absent raindrops
Fall upon my naked flesh
In the center of my
Imagination field

Like those before me
And for certain those
The future’s children
I have become a cyborg
With dangling remote controls
And scanners and swipers
Satellite weather forecasts
And windshield wipers
We have become the cyborg

Only in my room
On a not too hot
Not too cold night
I can hear reality
Without the television
In the darkness of my
Silent silence

Like those before me
And for certain those
The future’s children
I have become a cyborg
While sustaining life
With chemical spills
And fascinated gadgets
Exploding electric bills
We have become
With dating games and refrigerators
Heart monitors and baby monitors
Telephone calls and water purifiers
Jackhammers and sewing machines
We have become
Protected sex and airbags in the dashboard
Alarm clocks and washers and dryers
Hair dye and cellular modems
Newspapers replace the town crier
We have become
The cyborg


Double positive
Elevation without negotiation
Oranges and apples both grow on trees
This time I’m a saint
That time I was a devil
But I’ll spend forever on my knees

Double negative
Salvation without condemnation
The difference between weeds and flowers
This time I’m a rich man
That time I was a whore
Let me show you my magical powers


What am I to do?
Now that you’re gone

All it took was my name
And then nine everyday words
Nothing intellectual
Nothing that required a dictionary

And now I’m set off
A spiral
A zigzag
A circle
All in different directions

I am amputated
With the soleful purpose of regeneration
From both pieces

These things happen all the time
But I let a villain win
I spoke when I shouldn’t have
I shared my secrets with tattletales

I never trusted
Yet I feel betrayed
You were the only constant in my life
Now I am in limbo






“And I Will Go On”

…….so you asked him why he shot him in the subway
and he said,
    “Because he stole a dollar from my magic guitar case.
There’s a lot of noises in my head
The kind of chalk your pills can’t erase…”

I will go on
Without myself
I will tend to the garden
And harvest the finest flowers

These are my children
These are the cups that hold my tears
Will you drink from my chalice?
It is overflowing

It shall all be different from now on
I shall all be powerful from now on
I shall all be different from now on
It shall all be beautiful for you to see

“So when they say I can’t live in the light
I think I’ll laugh
And when they lock the door I can see through
I think I’ll laugh
And when they say my behaviour is good
I think I’ll spit in their faces
And when they say I’m free to go
I think I’ll untie my laces”

“Everyday Distractions”

I hate myself more than I’ve ever hated myself before

Could that possible mean
That I’ll possibly make those changes I’ve been talking about
For almost twenty years

I’m so unconfident
That I’m making up words
I’m so angry
I can’t even look in the mirror
Why am I so frustrated?
I can’t stand anything anymore

It would be so easy to give up
Searching for the fight I should be fighting for
And become a normal American

I’m almost home
My doors will open soon
And besides…
There’s someone staring at me
From across the train…


Determination has its privileges
Where did I go wrong?
Drama has its consequences
Sing me a silly song
I just want to sleep so long
Waste a couple days in wild dreams
And the rest of the week I’ll spend
Trying to remember them
Trying to figure out what they mean
Inadequacy has its fallacies
Congratulations on your newborn child
Maybe I should try painting…

I used to walk along the water
Long before that prophet could walk on land
And my talismans cut through mountains like dynamite
Before the scientists could understand
My hands calmed the seas with separation
And my shadow was reveled in royalty
The dinosaurs roared and the flowers bloomed
Just to display to me their loyalty
But that was all so many years ago
Now I’m imprisoned with hands and feet
Spending my nights supplying my shelter
And my days searching for something to eat
Loneliness and Passion infect my insides
And danger is truly danger
I have danced uncontrollable in ecstasy
And have walked through the swamps of anger
I used to be a superstar
My children the lights that lit the night
Now I am here to mirror you to teach you
Behold us and watch us take flight

Monday, August 3, 2009

dj chauncey d's definite eleven

if you know me...you know i like to set myself apart from the rest and my top ten listing is no different haha...that's why i have a 'definite eleven' because sometimes ten just ain't enough right? i also decided that instead of just posting the list, i have written a little blurb about each song letting you know the reason behind my admiration for these tracks...in no particular order...my definite eleven

easy going - fear (serge santago re-edit)
aliens came to visit and this was the track playing from their dashboard the other day...
serge santago has always been very high on my list and his progression has been quite exciting to witness...in the most perfect way he pulls from the moroder library juggernaut and serves you with some 'i feel love' style chords and sensations to wonderfully juxtapose the paranoia underlying the track. sheer electronica perfection!

la roux - bulletproof (larry tee & alexander technique blogula remix)
the world is seperated by people who love larry tee and those who hate him and this is the reason...some love what he and alexander have done to this track...i kinda love it and have a soft spot for the early nineties house music sound but i'll let you decide...it's definitely a total reworking of the original and has an uber gay vibe to it...

royksopp f. robyn - the girl and the robot (joakim remix)
the collaboration between robyn and royksopp was genius to begin with but harboring a fugitive like joakim to remix the instant classic was a brilliant move. joakim takes the track into unadultered new wave sexiness and definitely earns my vote as top remix of this song out there.

liquid liquid - optimo (optimo espacio remix)
i've always had a love for optimo espacio's remixes and this one is no exception...dance music with live instruments...can you believe it? o.e. always adds a hippieish meets trance vibe to their reworkings and that's why i love them.

camille jones - difficult guys (rix del rio remix)

who is camille jones? she is this generation's veronica...getting to lay her vocals over some of the hottest popular but borderline underground electronic tracks around. she always manages to have those guilty pleasures that you know the guidos and guidettes are rocking in their iroqs somewhere in new jersey. this song, remixed by the fantastic rix del rio, is a blueballing, cock tease of a refiddle that drives you to the point of insanity wondering when the beat is going to drop and what the beat shall look like when it finally does...definitely a twist for this one but in a wonderfully unexpected direction.

my mine - hypnotic tango
take one part italo disco and a pinch of wacky new wave and you have this fantastic song by my mine. it's a little stinker i love to play because it either makes people smile or it makes people finish their drink faster and leave...my favourite kind of weapon of a song!

jeppe - big boy (ssion's bang bang remix)
the title drew me in of course...being a big boy myself and with ssion attached to it i knew it would be left of center brilliant and it did not fail to impress. jeppe has done a few other tracks i've enjoyed if i recall and this one has a generous amount of gritty electricity to get you to another level in your set.

camille - home is where it hurts (david rubato remix)
a much different track completely than what sits on the rest of the list, but that's why i have a definite eleven instead of a top ten because there's always a song that might not necessarily make it to the dance floor but makes me extremely happy nonetheless. i'm going to let this one speak for itself...it's an almost perfect blend of all the elements that give me a musical thrill.

valery gore - shoes of glass (kidstreet remix)
a subtle dance track with incredible lyrics...the kind of song you can hang glide to. valery has a sweet voice reminiscent of edie brickell for some reason and i love her vocal stylings matched with the interestingly groovy yet somewhat cold production

n.a.s.a. - way down (dan sena remix)
the kanye west, santigold, lykke li and whoever else can fit in the studio at one time project has hit gold again with this dance floor monster remixed by dan sena. it starts out with a dreary, melancholy warble and then elevates a thousand miles an hour into a metallica like guitar driven frenzy that will be sure to raise blood pressures from dance floor to dance floor.

ebony bones - the muzik (the krays aka yuksek & brodinski remix)
a cunty, slimy bitch track that has a little bit of early crystal waters spice sprinkled throughout with a very modern touch. the faggot in me will never forget his dance music roots and needs to give props for the classic house revival that is appearing in all styles of musique today.

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