where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i can die happy now

i have seen it all! haha. and i love that john mc cain's imminent death is playing second fiddle to obama's sexcapades with the same sex haha

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ride the naked highway!

hey there everyone! check out the new video for the new single from naked highway, a local nyc electro/new wave band comprised of one half by my buddy sy! the video is wonderfully suggestive and quite playful while the song is a bit on the sexy, languid side. it's an awesome juxtaposition and the video was directed by my friend sy himself! the song is called 'wet like sweat' and will be sure to raise your temperature a bit for sure.

and you can but the track from itunes here

Friday, February 20, 2009

play the gas mask kazoo!

evil evil! this is absolutely brimstone! check it out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

go whoopi! bill o' reaaaallly strikes again

found this on huffington post and had to share it... Whoopi Knocks O'Reilly Over Helen Thomas Comment: "If You're Gonna Do Humor, Learn How To Do It"

During an appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show Tuesday night, Whoopi Goldberg criticized the Fox News host for calling longtime White House reporter Helen Thomas "the Wicked Witch of the East" last week. O'Reilly, who previously spent a good amount of time on air defending his remarks as well as his impression of Thomas, asked the "View" co-host "do you have a beef with me of some kind about Helen Thomas?" Goldberg responded by saying she found the remark out of character for O'Reilly and that while he insisted it was just a joke, it would have helped if he actually knew how to be funny.

Watch the clip:

whoopi is the best!

here's the original clip of bill o'reilly doing what he does best...being an asshole!

walking miles away in madonna's shoes?

i'm sure mr. rauhofer played these last weekend at pascha in nyc...i listened to one and was pleasantly surprised but not completely satisfied....it's nothing new...but i'm sure if there was still a place to circuit queens to go regularly they would eat this up!

madonna - miles away (peter rauhofer remixes)

the real excitement comes from a new tiga track that has been exploding on the internets not only because of its quirky subject matter and cunty but kooky production but because the female vocals are rumoured to be none other than....madonna's!!!! check it out and see what you think...it really could be anyone...even a guy whose voice was manipulated...but if you google 'tiga shoes madonna' you'll find more than a dozen blogs claiming it's her!!! i think the track is 'dope' haha and really, really, really hope it's her!

tiga - shoes (radio rip) (link removed by request)

the chanel gun shoes she wore to her film premiere that got everyone in a tizzy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winona forever!

here's a lovely scene from 'heathers' a cult classic that came out during the era of my new first sunday of the month party called 'beetlejuice' at nowhere bar. relive the moments in this video at my soire! next installment is sunday, march 1st!

and here's the same scene...only done by puppets!

Friday, February 13, 2009

give it 2 me again!

in honor of the extension of the sticky and sweet tour by madonna (the highest grossing tour by a solo artist ever), someone posted the leaked backdrop video for the finale of 'give it 2 me'. it's amazing! there's so much you miss when you are at the show it's so awesome to see this in its entirety without her electrifying performance to distract you....enjoy!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

chauncey treats - three for thursday

first off is a definitely classic in the chauncey repertoire that has been reissued recently with some brand new remixes. this is the first of the lot i have found. it's a song by shakedown that i used to love to play back before i was an actual dj and used to make cds for when i bartended at east of eighth restaurant. the vocalist is terra deva...one of my favourite voices in house music.

shakedown - at night (shiny remix)

and the second is a new track i just found that definitely has an old school house element to it but overlaced with the new, fresh razoredged electro vibe to it. it's also in line with the theme of everyone's favourite holiday, 'valentine's day'. it's by a relatively new group called lioness remixed by mansion, who never disappoints.

lioness - my heart (mansion remix)

and last but not least, here's another danny tenaglia classic featuring vocals by celeda with a fresh remix by scott wozniak that definitely mellows the track a bit but still maintains that upfront and sexy vibe that the original had in truckloads.

danny tenaglia feat. celeda - music is the answer (scott wozniak re-edit)

muto beuno!!

this is absolutely fantastic! not just the amazing process behind this grandiose piece of art but the content involved. i especially enjoy how the objects and movements that he had no control over like the cars and the people helped add to the bizarreness of the entire piece! chauncey likes!

check it owwt!

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

30 days...i did it!

so i did it! today marks the 30th day without drinking...jack daniels or any other liquor. i must admit i did have two beers back when i first started the abstinence but it was honestly because i was at a friend's house and that's all there was to drink besides water (yeah right! haha). honestly, the only two times i really was craving a shot were the two times i djed in that time period. i'm happy because i wasn't sure i could do it. i've even challenged myself by going out to bars a decent amount and i wasn't even tempted. i'm proud of myself and you should be too! haha. my goal was to do 30 days and then possibly go back to drinking moderately but i'm not sure i really need to have a drink. i might just have a beer occasionally but jack daniels definitely made me messy many a time and i'm most likely better off without him. being hypoglycemic it also propelled me into mood swings and harsh moments of self doubt and negativity. my skin also looks great...i've lost some weight and i feel just dandy!


(now if i could only stop drowning babies in the hudson river or stop pushing cranky, old men down the escalator while amidst that hellish transfer at 51st street!)


i feel better already!

there was a time...the time is now

there was a time when i would wear polyester plaid pants and not think twice about it. there was a time when i would randomly paint my nails black and even one time i painted them electric blue and although i slightly winced if someone saw them, it was nowhere near the tremor in my gut i get when the shirt i decide to wear nowadays has a slogan on it that might be offensive to one of the thousand people i may cross paths with while i'm wearing it. there was a time when i was so much more confident in my convictions...there was a time i lived my life with sensible caution decorated with a somewhat fearlessness and abandon. there was a time when i would go on a rollercoaster without my friends begging me and teasing me to do it. there was a time i used to really live my life. that life is so far behind me for some strange reason and my job right now is to find out why so i can pierce the beast and paint over my yellow.

now i've never been a frat boy thrillseeker who gets a rush from being in a car that is driving too fast, nor have i gotten sheer joy of the thought of bungee jumping or jumping out of a plane. i was never that rough and tough kid and i kind of figured i would never be that adult either. i instead found much excitement and passion in the adventures i would embark on within my mind. i would create whole new worlds and ideas and i would often find myself devoured in the possibilites of my self inflicted fantasy world. but there was a time i had a total of ten body piercings and only five of them were in my earlobes. i still have my nipple ring intact...all that remains of my days of metallic adornment. now i knew that i wouldn't have them forever but i really imagined that the wild things that i did would be overshadowed by the even wilder things i would do in the future. i thought i would have travelled extensively, but alas i have never left the country. i thought i would have starred in a variety of plays and musicals in new york city, yet my only appearance on a manhattan stage was about thirteen years ago and it was prophetically the role of a pissed off actor who got a shitty role as a sheep. i also thought i would have finished college and would be a teacher by now, yet the only teachers in my family are my two older brothers. i thought i would have had a history of lovers that lasted too long, yet my longest relationship has been the better part of three or four months. i have recently been reconnected with a lot of people from my past, people i went to high school with and people i went to college with, people i have shared my passions with and people i have shared my heart with also. without them knowing, they have obviously sparked this desperate search inward to pull out the person i once was so they can beat down the person i have become. but instead of thinking and worrying about what i would tell them of my accomplishments since we last spoke and being fearful to find my stories pale in comparison to theirs, i have to do this for myself and my legacy to be legendary. one of my biggest flaws has always been the poison of being obsessed with what others think of me. since i have spent so much time with that caustic concern, i have spent little time making myself into the person i would be proud to discuss.

there have been many more disappointments in my life...some that i have forgotten and some that i don't care to mention, but i'm not writing this to make a tally to reread and sulk about while doing so. i have also had quite the myriad accomplishment from time to time and am left wondering why the negative always outweighs the positive. i was a good kid and honestly never really got into any sort of trouble except for maybe pushing the envelope creatively in high school and almost getting a story i wanted published in the creative writing newsletter censored or dropping out of college after a few semesters to work at a deadend job that i had mastered years earlier. i have always been respectful to my elders and have always tried my best to help out a friend and even a stranger. good will and charity have always been a part of my existence and i am sure they will be forever. what leaves me in disarray is my complete lack of confidence, my immature way of handling important situations and my talent for procrastination. i am constantly questioning my talents and accolades despite the awards and acknowledgement i may recieve. i hold in my frustrations and anger in daily relationships and employment situations and let them fester until they transform into a cancer of self destructiveness and a grovelling for sympathy. i hold off on calling the person who can help me, the person who can hire me, the person who just might love me for who i am and not who i think they think that i am until the opportunity hurries by to the next persistent and willing recipient. i constantly wait for my shitty situations to become so dire that i am left wallowing in self pity and emotional and monetary poverty before i try to do anything to relieve myself of these common burdens that the common person struggles with and overcomes on a daily basis. instead of fighting or pursuing what i deserve i sit and wait to be the last person offered the job because i claim i don't want to come across as cocky or arrogant. such pathetic excuses...why have i learned them all? after all i have been through in my life and all the true manmade miracles and authentic determination and passion i have witnessed, why do i still think i will somehow acquire those magical powers i wanted when i was young and will suddenly have my wish granted. am i stuck in an obsolete fairytale that i forgot to keep writing? have i lost the hunger and passion that i once reveled in and have i settled for simple wonderings and what ifs? why am i so lazy? i obviously still have the hunger and passion because i wouldn't be writing this in the first place. i obviously still have the tools and craftsmanship to be a success and change my path in life. why do i fool myself into thinking that it is more comfortable in my dream world when i am constantly haunted in my sleep instead of being surrounded by lollipops and unicorns? it has to break and i'm the only one who can make it happen. if i'm so good at creating a fantasy world then i must create another world for others to get lost in and publish a goddamn novel like i wanted to do a hundred years ago. if i'm so good at so many things...why would i rather stay in this pile of shit and regret?

i'm well aware of how personal this all is and probably should have remained locked within the pages of a secret journal but i feel that writing it on my blog is especially cathartic and i feel it will help me take ownership of my responsibilities. if you name the demon you will find it easier to banish it. if you put it out there for all the world (or all of you that read my blog) to see then you relieve yourself of the shame and the fear. if you hide your symptoms from your doctor then he have a harder time helping to cure your disease. so i'm calling myself out on my own bullshit and although i've said it before a million times, i am as fed up as i can be with the monstrously vast chasm between who i am today and who i want to be and instead of turning my head as my bridges proverbially burn, i am going to use what i know to build a few. and if i don't know how to do something, there is nothing wrong with asking for help if i can't find the solution on my own. unfortunately, asking for help before i try it out myself is a crime i'm too comfortable with committing.

the time is now to put down my flogger...and hold my sceptor up high.

thanks for listening...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

madonna flashback : where's the party?

'don't want to grow old too fast...don't want to let the system get me down'

i can't believe this was almost 19 years ago? can you believe it?

madonna - where's the party? (blond ambition tour live in boston)

they still make great videos vol. 469

i'm so glad i started this new series of posts called 'they still make great videos' because damnit...they do! it's so nice to see the other side of commercialism without major trends and half naked bimbos and cool special effects. i love these videos for their innovation and their grittiness as well...it doesn't hurt that the songs accompanying them are brilliant either!

Kavinsky from thomas jacquet on Vimeo.

kavinsky - dead cruiser
(graphics! graphics! gaaaraaaphics!)

flosstradamus f. caroline polachek - big bills
(it's simple but that's what makes it special)

heloise & the savoir faire - illusions
(gotta love the jester!)

Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance (ok this one is very heterocentric for my usual taste but a pretty girl is a pretty girl and an amazing video is an amazing video ha!)

hipsters in space!!

oh my god! this is perfection! although i wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of hipster leeches made this themself haha

original poetry - 'mask' & 'party'

i was skimming through an older notebook of mine and found some interesting gems. i'm not really sure who the first one 'mask' is about because i don't know exactly when it was written but it's definitely not a chipper one. the second one is called 'party' and can fit into so many different eras of my life and most likely yours. enjoy!


i just stayed put right where i was
flat on my back in almost the center of your bed
my arms behind my head barely holding my head up
while you ran away to wash away
an evidence of what we just accomplished
while i stayed sweaty and sticky
marinating in the memory

then you came back
the outline of your silhouette
glowing inconsistently in the flicker of the candlelight
the doorway framing your body
perfectly...so imperfectly

until you took your mask
and put it back on
and laid down on the farthest end of the bed
on the other side of the world
and i eventually sat up and climbed up
out of this temporary paradise
picked up my things and moved
into the awful white light
and the cold blue tiles
hoping one day you will ask me to stay
the whole night


when one party ends
eventually another one begins
so i guess i should consider myself blessed
for always having the option to entertain
i'm at another crossroad
or another plateau for that matter
where i can cross the bridge slowly
and admire the view
and overcome my fear of heights
or i can dive down into this occupation
i know i am qualified to do
yet i usually leave my hobbies
for another list
when something you love to do
finally transforms into the thing
which fills your pockets and your cupboard
you have to manage to discover
a decent balance between sacrifice
and all the other ingredients
called for in the recipe

success and perfection can happen
on a daily basis
yet how one measures
each accomplishment
is unique
failure is a myth
for each choice you make
is another perfection
it is a man made boundary
that helps you stay closer
to your intentions
and your goals
follow through like a ray of light

angelina wants more babies!

that girl has her down pat! this clip is so funny!

and a little flashback to my days bartending at east of eighth for the hedda lettuce show on mondays back in 2001...something about me and drag queens on mondays hehe. i also did about three years doing moneywheel on mondays at the urge with first cashetta and then the incomparable gusty winds. this clip is from her show at caroline's on broadway but i recall the days when the song was a new notch on her hysterical, putrid green belt. enjoy!

blow the banana fuse at ground zero

i was tempted to make a gwen stefani mini reference here but even i have the ability to refrain from the most extreme corniness at times (believe it or not).
this is so disturbing and wild i just had to share it with ya'll. i got it from a new wordpress blog i just discovered called tympanogram ...sheck it owwt!

oh and here's the new track from chris cornell called 'ground zero' hmmph...he worked with timbaland? i kind of like the track for what it's worth. i wish he worked some of this beat magic for madonna's album but it seems to me he gave her the least creative stuff he had in his repertoire and figured he was getting paid anyway. tis a shame because although she has had her fair share of looking the fool for her often panned recent musical direction, its his name on it too. the lyrics to this track are a little hokey and the video is a little unbearable to watch at times but i'm anxious to see what happens to this song. it has a bit of gnarls barkley in it doncha think?

chris cornell f. timbaland - ground zero

Monday, February 9, 2009

madonna blames it on rio!

so the much ballyhooed 'blame it on rio' portfolio by steven klein of madonna for the march issue of w has leaked! holy shit! her next album should be called 'like a cougar'. i love the amateurish look to most of the photos like they were taken in private and weren't supposed to leak. she looks fantastic and she's wearing a lot more clothing than i expected. my favourite is the keyhole pic down below. that jesus luz is a sexy, sexy beast...what a putana! i love it! enjoy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

they still make awesome videos vol. 279

dan black - alone

Bubblicious from Rex The Dog on Vimeo.

rex the dog - bubbilicious

FEED THE HORSE musicvideo - HD quality from Miss. astrup on Vimeo.

fagget fairys - feed the horse

birk storm - i don't care

all four songs are hot and their videos are fanfuckingtastic!

george bush's penis?

i've never been a huge fan of Will Ferrell's but i think this is bizarrely genius and really adds to the insane ridiculousness of bush's 'legacy'!

No President Needs This Kind of Exposure

Published: February 6, 2009

So far six audience members have stormed out midperformance of the Broadway show “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush” the comedian Will Ferrell's lampooning of the 43rd president, according to those keeping count at the Cort Theater. But they haven’t been leaving after a particular Ferrell quip.

They’ve been standing up, instead, after the projection of a supersize photo on the backdrop of the stage. A photo of a penis. Specifically, as Mr. Ferrell (who plays President Bush) leads the audience to believe, the president’s penis. Except that’s not quite right.

“It’s an anonymous but age-appropriate public domain Internet penis,” said Adam McKay, the play’s director. “We went on the Web and got a penis.”

“It’s not the president’s penis, as far as I know, and Will is 41, so we weren’t going to use his,” Mr. McKay added. “What I do know is that the photo gets one of the great shrieks of delight from the audience, and it’s also the one moment that is followed by people walking out.”

The idea of using the image of a nonerect penis originated one day in rehearsals, Mr. McKay said. The script, by Mr. Ferrell, draws partly on Mr. Bush’s past statements, and the two men were remarking on the former president’s comment that he had enjoyed being “a free man” before he entered the White House.

“We were joking that now that he was out of office, he could do whatever he wants,” Mr. McKay said, “and so I said, ‘Let’s have him show his own penis,’ and Ferrell was like, ‘O.K.’ ”

“He is a frat boy, a big party guy, and you could imagine him doing this,” Mr. McKay added, describing Mr. Bush, who is 63. “Though I want to make clear I’m not blaming the president for our very bad taste.”

No surprise, the play has been a major draw for New York liberals. The production, which largely features Mr. Ferrell doing the Bush character he made famous on SNL on NBC, has been playing to near capacity at the Cort Theater, which has more than 1,000 seats, since it began previews on Inauguration Day. It is scheduled to run through March 15, and will be presented live on HBO next month.

Mr. McKay said he did not have legal concerns about defaming Mr. Bush with the image, or about using someone’s penis in an unauthorized way.

The former president’s spokesman, Robert Saliterman, declined to comment on Friday when asked about the use of the photo.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

upcoming gigs : the eagle, nowhere

this friday the 13th, the mark nelson/max scott 'ball' series returns with a vengence in 2009 @ the eagle with the new york debut of 'to the last man', a new...ahem...adult film by raging stallions. it's called the 'stag ball', takes place the night before valentine's day and is sure to be a night filled with much debauchery and porn star appearances featuring music by yours truly and 80's mastermind guy smith. rsvp to the event on facebook here.

and then...i
ts a little ways off...but after the very promising turnout of my first ever party completely on my own as host and dj i decided to get a jump start on promotions for the next installment of my first sunday of the month party called 'beetlejuice'. it's a night of nostalgia as i have limited the songs that i play to only tunes released between the years of 1986 and 1995. it was the time i was in middle school, high school and a little after so it's a wonderfully blended night of cheesey dance tracks and moody 'alternative' mayhem. join the facebook event page here. the next party is sunday, march 1st.

i'm also working on acquiring some new gigs in the east village and even in astoria and will be sure to announce them once plans are solidified.

love beams and dirty beats,

dj chauncey d

bush gets first job offer!

this is just too perfect! and the two stories that follow in the video are genius as well haha.

Many may be familiar with the Wal-Mart greeter; the kind smiling individual standing at the opening of one of those mega-stores, ready to say hello. But DFW residents who know their nuts and bolts also know Elliott's Hardware's greeting force, who're often the perfect sage to ask, "Where can I find a plunger?" as you walk into the store in pants wet up to your ankles.

Now Elliott's has their sights set on a very specific candidate for adding to their greeting group: Former President George W Bush.

In a letter posted in the Dallas Morning News (which we've posted here), Elliott's lists the job perks, including a flexible part-time schedule, ample parking for his security, and an employee discount for his "honey-do" project list.

Sounds like a joke, right? "We are offering the position to Mr. Bush in all sincerity," said Kyle Walters, Elliott's president and CEO. "We think it would be a great fit for him as he settles back into life in Dallas."

i don't want to have sex with you

an awesome fuck you song deserves a hysterical video...and here is new band soldout with their clip for 'i don't want to'

she's lost in rhythm

check out the awesomely haunting video for the filthy dukes new track 'this rhythm'. it almost looks like the trailer for a horror movie! me likey!

chauncey treat - crystal clear mud

hello there...its been a while since i've shared a chauncey treat with all of you and i apologize. it's certainly not for a lack of amazing tracks but this one i just had to upload and share with you all. finally! titiyo (some might remember her former famous older sister neneh cherry) has finally released some new music! it's from a nine song ep or maybe its a full cd called 'hidden'. a few of the tracks were produced by kleerup who brought you last year's gem 'with every heartbeat' featuring robyn. this track is a whirlwind delicacy of genres that starts off beatless and turns into a ravishing storm of bass and bleep. enjoy!

titiyo - crystal clear mud

Friday, February 6, 2009

yayoi kusama...artist of the month

while blogjogging recently, looking for music, i came across a blog (the name escapes me) that featured not only music but a different artist every few posts. that is how i discovered the magical masterpieces of yayoi kusama. here are some brilliant pieces by her and an amazing quote by her that cemented my love for her and her work.

Yayoi Kusama said about her 1954 painting titled Flower (D.S.P.S),

"One day I was looking at the red flower patterns of the tablecloth on a table, and when I looked up I saw the same pattern covering the ceiling, the windows and the walls, and finally all over the room, my body and the universe. I felt as if I had begun to self-obliterate, to revolve in the infinity of endless time and the absoluteness of space, and be reduced to nothingness. As I realized it was actually happening and not just in my imagination, I was frightened. I knew I had to run away lest I should be deprived of my life by the spell of the red flowers. I ran desperately up the stairs. The steps below me began to fall apart and I fell down the stairs straining my ankle."

madonna flashback 2003

the original and uber controversial video for madonna's 'american life' video, the one in which she upset tons of people by pulling before it was released, is now making its rounds in high quality. download the masterpiece here

it's such a shame as it was the first time madonna backed down when it came to controversy, but she claimed she pulled it out of respect for the troops as the war in iraq had begun already and also feigned worry about the fact that she had kids now and they could possibly have been used as a target of the inevitable backlash. i think it's a brilliant work of art that would have made the american life era a success rather than a 'bomb' (pun intended). i always hated that there were immediate comparisons to culture club's 'the war song' video because it took away from the powerful clip created by her and longtime collaborator jonas ackerlund. the fashion show part of it is the only thing i see that remotely resembles the boy george video that i posted below.

check out the her madgesty blog for tons of madonna info all the time! it's where i found this video and lovely craig mcdean outtake from the american life photo sessions above

pharrell does nylon

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3500...and counting

was jogging through youtube tonight and found this ridiculously brilliant performance by my friend mykel at the now defunct crobar in nyc. so powerful! the show took place about two years ago at the Hairhappenin' event. here is Mykel singing 3500 on behalf of the troops who died in iraq!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

check out my friend juanjo in paper mag!

The victory of Barack Obama was a bittersweet moment for many Californians, as they woke up on the morning of November 5th to discover that the religious right-backed Proposition 8 banning gay marriage had passed. Outraged gays and straights all over the country marched in protest while, ironically, Gus Van Sant's film Milk opened to rave reviews and huge audiences everywhere. We thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to the gays who started it all 35 years ago -- from Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood to Castro Street in San Francisco. Kim Hastreiter

(juanjo is on the right giving freddie mercury haha)
check out the full article/spread here
i also just realized i know ahmed too! (in the middle below)


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