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where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

little superstar

hey everyone...sorry i've been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks...i must admit..i've been pleasantly distracted by a certain someone...i promise i'll be back in the loop real soon...here's a hysterical video that definitely garners my 'youtube clip of the year' top contender spot...it's absolutely genius!!!!

hope you all have an amazing holiday and that you are all looking forward to 2009 as much as i am!

love beams and dirty beats,

chauncey d!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

bush gets some sole!

me and my roomate were discussing this when we watched it and we agreed that this has so much more power behind it than any suicide bombing could...pay attention to what they say about the reference behind the incident. i'm still utterly amazed that this is pretty much the first time dubya has ever been assaulted it seems right? reagan was actually shot for less crimes and this is all that happens to bush?

Friday, December 12, 2008

the beat certainly goes on

a group has made a really fantastic video for madonna's song 'beat goes on' from hard candy. it's a pretty big production and it's such a shame that they are not releasing this song as a single...i think i would have done well around the world and even made a decent impact in america even considering the sad state of american pop radio. check it out...the big black queen is fun to watch and he can move!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

last christmas

there are too many things to say about this one....but at least the papi making cookies is yummy! haha

Saturday, December 6, 2008

facts of life reunion!

science bless chelsea handler!

Friday, December 5, 2008

homo no mo

'gee butch...what's that?" haha
'at least it was a fruit pie' (oh lord)

a church apologizes?

san diego christian church apologizes on a big ole billboard for prop 8!

"Mission Gathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who took away the rights and equality of so many in the name of God."

The church was founded by a group of young adults who say they wanted "to embody God's grace to the emerging/postmodern culture they were a part of." It's affiliated with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which has approximately 723,000 members throughout North America and is the denomination Ronald Reagan was baptized in. So, despite having a facebook page and a podcast that includes titles like "Sexuality & Spirituality: Sex, Lies and Craigslist", the apologetic Christians sit squarely within the mainline Protestant tradition.

San Diego has been arguably the epicenter of the Prop 8. protest movement, with over 25,000 people marching in the streets in last week's "Day of Impact Protest"– the largest group anywhere.

sara the walrus!

no..hehe..it's not another post about palin...it's about sara, the saxaphone playing, tango dancing walrus! i love her!


prohibit divorce

it's so awesome to see bigotry mirrored back at the bigoted.

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i saw MILK last night...look for my review soon...i wanted to let the emotions settle before i gave a proper editorial

Thursday, December 4, 2008

madonna + louis vuitton = genius!

i cannot get over how fucking amazing these shots are!!!!! just two of i believe a set of 6...goddamn...she looks gorgeous!!

MADONNA AND MARC: When Marc Jacobs found himself in a meeting on a recent Monday morning to brainstorm about Louis Vuitton’s next fashion advertising campaign, inspiration struck. “I just blurted out, ‘I think we should do Madonna,’” said the designer, Vuitton’s creative director, mentioning he’d attended a concert by the pop icon the night before in Paris. “I was totally just blown away by it, and moved by her performance, by what she had to say, and her energy.”

As the meeting went on, Jacobs tapped out a message to Madonna on his BlackBerry, and within about five minutes came the reply: “I’d love to.”

The result is six atmospheric pictures of a smoldering Madonna by Steven Meisel that will break in a range of fashion magazines in February. “It’s a big change from what we were doing. It tells a story,” said Antoine Arnault, Vuitton’s director of communications. “This I think is an amazing coup, but more than that, there’s real logic behind it. It’s very linked to Marc’s fashion show.”

Although Arnault declined to give figures, he said media budgets for the fashion campaign would be on par with a year ago. And he dismissed as “absurd” reports pegging Madonna’s fees at $10 million. “It’s very far away from that,” he assured.

The campaign marks the end of Vuitton’s six-year collaboration with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, with the parting characterized as amicable, and another reunion for long-time collaborators Madonna and Meisel. Jacobs last worked with Meisel in his Perry Ellis days. (Arnault noted it’s “very probable” Vuitton’s association with Meisel will continue.)

The campaign takes the very Parisian theme of Jacobs’ hit spring Vuitton collection, with a smoky French bistro the setting, and the sepia-toned images evoking a Brassai atmosphere. “As cliché as they are, I love all these French references,” the designer said. (Although the restaurant, Figaro, is on North Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles).

“I still feel it looks like beautiful, gorgeous Madonna,” Jacobs said about the images. “Excepting the references and excepting the clichés, this still feels very today. And it didn’t feel so much like a fashion shoot, it feels like portraits.”

The shoot wrapped up in less than a day and without incident, although Jacobs said hordes of paparazzi literally “appeared out of the bushes” the moment Madonna arrived. “It went from a quiet street to complete chaos,” he said.

The designer also marveled at the singer’s incredible fitness that allowed her to recline, her back arched, on bentwood chairs, or shoot a leg straight up in the air, no sweat. “She’s so sure of herself as an icon and as a woman. It was her idea to do the fishnets,” Jacobs said. “What fascinates me the most about her is her never-ending energy, and the idea of becoming and changing. She’s an artist who’s unafraid to use her voice.”

Arnault said the fashion campaign would appear “very strongly” in February and March issues and with few changes in media placements. “We’re staying on target,” he stressed.

The first visuals will spotlight slouchy bags in monogram canvas and monogram-embossed leather, along with ethnic-inspired sandals, bangles and sexy ready-to-wear. In tandem, Vuitton will continue to run its “core values” campaign, with spots featuring Sean Connery, the latest celebrity spokesman, continuing into next year. Analysts have estimated Vuitton spends more than $250 million annually on advertising, most of it print-driven.

— Miles Socha

original poetry - "yes we can?" + "questions"

this first piece i wrote shortly after the election pertaining to the joy of the obama win and the sadness of the passing of prop 8. the picture above was taken at the anti mormon rally shortly after...my interaction with this little girl was absolutely priceless and i will never forget it as long as i live. i went up to her with a crackling voice and the beginnings of tears in my eyes and said, "thank you so much...we really appreciate you." and she simply replied, "you're welcome!". i walked away quickly so she wouldn't see me choke...it made my experience so much more powerful.

yes we can?

it's a completely new world
a fresh new notebook
a brand new fine tip pen
that glides across the smooth sheets
a gorgeous victoy
redefining history
an extreme makeover
of the phantasmagorical kind
justice needs no longer be blind
yet as the world bathes in the afterglow
shining warm with promise and hope
an anxious future waiting to be written
there are still many angry voices
choking and threatening to destroy
these beautiful roses that have come to bloom
what was once oppressed
has now conquered the throne
but as one formidable wall has fallen
another one grows higher and stronger
this is the way of the universe
the ebb and flow of the ocean
like the cliched waxing and waning of the moon
the birth and death of a star
the furious beating and the cantankerous silence of a heart
if all good things must come to an end
then all bad things must cease as well
but patience has never been my strong point
and i know few people who have a knack for complacency
so let us raise up in a thundercloud
voices strained but still strong
hands bloody and aching
from being fists for far too long
let us take this power
this ignition
and fight down the fear with action
shatter the ignorance with the highest pitch
reach the tallest branch
and relish in the taste of that forbidden fruit
learn that it is not forbidden after all
let us unite in our individuality
and agree to disagree
but agree to respect
and promise to each other
to listen
to study
to teach
to discover
to believe
to question
to love
to change
to live
all these things have gotten us
where we are today
and it is these things
that will take us to tomorrow
yes we can?

is it really such a terrible thing
to be so self destructive
when you learn so many lessons
while you're putting yourself back together again?

is it really so bad to spend
almost all of your allowance so fast
when you are so really good at
making that final dollar stretch out until the end?

is happiness always a temporary thing
because it is a gateway to craving more?
is a success simply a catapult
to begin the adventure of yet another quest?

do i procrastinate until the end of a deadline
because i think i work well under pressure
or am i not inspired anymore to give my all
and could honestly really not care less?

why do i fight to reclaim something
once i find i've already lost it
instead of reaching and grabbing
for what i want when i have the chance?

miles away

here's the backdrop video for 'miles away' on madonna's stick and sweet tour. it's the third single from hard candy and unfortunately it won't have a video...i don't understand why they didn't just use this...it's really interesting and even more because it doesn't have madonna in it at all for once.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

prop 8 the musical

genius, genius, genius!
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