where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DJ Chauncey D : The Cyborgy Experience (Mix Session) #radiodentata #housemusic #electro

What does it sound like when robots and aliens experience intercourse?Well,you’re surely about to find out.This mix is the perfectly imperfect combination of organic and technologic!Extraterrestrial electro ecstasy meets slips and slides with salacious cyber beats to create this week’s episode of “The Sodomighty Show” on Radio Dentata.Fasten your seatbelts,put on your helmets and prepare yourself for a vivacious and virtual enigmatic escapade that will leave your wiring worse for wear.Chauncey slaps you right down in the front row for “The Cyborgy Experience”.We hope your parts are well oiled and your system can withstand all the thrust and throttle!

For tracklist and more please visit http://bit.ly/e8UXTU

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Find The Safe Sex Banana Cake at NYC PRIDE PARADE!

The House of Dandridge will have the distinct privilege of not only marching with Housing Works at the 2011 Pride Parade in NYC but will have the amazing Safe Sex Banana Cake in tow created by long time friend Nathaniel Siegel! We have known Nathaniel since way back in 1997 when Chauncey (before he was even Chauncey) worked at the 77th Street location of the popular Thrift Store chain (back when there were only 3 stores!). Nathaniel has always been a smiling face and rich resource for art as well as political pungency and activism. When Nathaniel spoke of his newest creation, we were happy to help out to promote a universal message that is often thrown to the wayside : SAFE SEX! Where better than to have a gigantic cake promoting the use of condoms then somewhere inside the Housing Works contingent?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How did the Empire State Building Go Rainbow so quickly? #nycpride #empirestate #techonology

Keep an eye out for The Safe Sex Banana Cake at NYC PRIDE PARADE!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

FIERTH Mag. 6 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To Win Marriage Equality #fierthmagazine

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adam Joseph - Finally (Ode to Marriage Equality) ...this fantasy may become a reality tonight!

DJ Chauncey D's The Sodomighty Show LIVE right now @RadioDentata

8 Point Plan for Madonna to make a proper comeback by @johnnox

Just uploaded! TURBULENCE : Songs to Hang Glide By Volume 3 by #DJChaunceyD

Volume Three of DJ Chauncey D’s running series “Songs To Hang Glide By” is aptly entitled “Turbulence”. Featuring similar spacey electro flourishes and dark techno propulsions similar to the last two installments, this episode starts out hopeful and dreamy until the journey through the sky hits some unexpected twists and turns and crash lands into a jungle of violent rock infused beats and hedonistic tribal ecstasy. With fantastic tracks by Moby, Deluka, Malente & Dex and ferocious remixes by John Dahlback, Eddie Thoneick, Rex The Dog and more, Chauncey takes you on a relentless journey through dangerous dubstep, angry electro and wild guitar thrashes leaving your heart racing and your entire body moving until the very last moment.

“if we take the road less travelled…maybe I can change your mind”

munk – mis labios (black van remix)

friendly fires – live those days tonight (tim green remix)

aeroplane – my enemy (rex the dog remix)

moby – the day (eddie thoneick remix)

juno fernandez feat. katrina noorbergen – hear me (john dahlback remix)

deluka – cascade (kids at the bar remix)

now in stereo – discovering hell (the boomzers remix)

trash yourself feat. treasure fingers – down to the disco (kroyclub remix)

GLADI8TR – night hawk

yuksek – on a train (the magician remix)

malente & dex – lions (bassnectar & iLL.Gates remix)

ac slater – jack got jacked (jack beats remix)

mitch klieg – a day in july (asser remix)

tonite only – we run the night (designer drugs remix)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DJ Chauncey D : Pink Flamingos Chapter One (Live @ Nowhere May 1st)

Sunday, May 1st,Chauncey delivered an impromptu set of sexy, cunty handbag house at Nowhere Bar in the East Village towards the later half of his Beetlejuice Party.Serving as a sort of Greatest Hits of his favourite tracks of recent times, The "Pink Flamingos" Series was born!Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ben and Jerry's founders stand up for Marriage Equality!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One phone call equals one rose sent to Albany! Make a difference for Marriage Equality Today!

Senator Ruben Diaz from The Bronx is one of the most vocal opponents of marriage in New York; however, his granddaughter Erica Diaz, is standing up against him. Erica, who lives with her girlfriend and their two sons, will lead a march on August 7 to raise awareness about several issues that are hampering the LGBT community in the borough. Way to go Erica!

On June 20th the legislative session will end, so its very important to keep making calls. It’s the EASIEST way to help win marriage for all in New York. Friendfactor will send a flower to Albany for every call you make.

Queer Works @HWThrifts HK Opening Night Monday, June 20th

Housing Works Thrift Shop

730 9th Avenue

Opening Night Gala

Monday, June 20th


The week long event will be held at The Hell’s Kitchen location of the largest non-profit retail chain Manhattan has to offer at 730 Ninth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets. Queer Works @ Housing Works will begin on Monday, June 20th and continue through Gay Pride Week to Gay Pride Sunday on June 26th.

The event will feature men’s designer duds as well as a selection of fabulous frocks to turn yourself into a fabulous Drag Queen and various works of art and photography from local queer artists. Drag Superstar Gusty Winds will be on hand to offer you the best advice NYC has to offer on how to win your very own Drag Race.

Let Forever Be Delayed : ChaunceyChat with Artist Rafael Melendez

Chauncey recently had the grand opportunity to sit down and have a chat with East Village Artist Rafael T. Melendez and discuss many different facets of his artistic endeavors, his motivations and aspirations plus his ideas about what success means in the art world. Rafael will be submitting some of his work to Queer Works @ Housing Works, a benefit auction and weeklong art event that will be allowing Mr. Dandridge to add the word ‘curator’ to his resume finally. Chauncey has been a longtime fan of Rafael’s work and the two have recently become pals so it was only natural that Mr. Melendez let Chauncey take a walk into The Inside Studio and be the funnel for the magic that Rafa creates.

an incomplete blink : a damnp day for @FIGMENTNYC #photography #chaunceydandridge

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brilliant artwork by Peter J. Ketchum who will be donating to @HWThrifts Hell's Kitchen Queer Works Event!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

'Orso Pazzo (Crazy Bear)' mix session by DJ Chauncey D #soundcloud

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strictly Rhythm proclaims June 3rd as I <3 House Music Day #ILHM

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ku Klux Klan vs. Westboro Baptist Church!


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