where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let Forever Be Delayed : ChaunceyChat with Artist Rafael Melendez

Chauncey recently had the grand opportunity to sit down and have a chat with East Village Artist Rafael T. Melendez and discuss many different facets of his artistic endeavors, his motivations and aspirations plus his ideas about what success means in the art world. Rafael will be submitting some of his work to Queer Works @ Housing Works, a benefit auction and weeklong art event that will be allowing Mr. Dandridge to add the word ‘curator’ to his resume finally. Chauncey has been a longtime fan of Rafael’s work and the two have recently become pals so it was only natural that Mr. Melendez let Chauncey take a walk into The Inside Studio and be the funnel for the magic that Rafa creates.



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