where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

one man's trash...

this isn't new news but it's brilliant...and i didn't get a chance to post it back when i first read it...

Proposal Would Rename SF Sewage Plant After Bush

Linda Yee, Reporting

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / KCBS) ― San Francisco voters may get the chance this November to make their city the first in the nation to name something after President Bush. However, it is not necessarily an honor the president would appreciate.

"San Francisco voters, help rename a sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush," announced Michael Jacinto, co-chair of the self-named San Francisco Presidential Memorial Commission, and gathering thousands of petition signatures. "To rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility the George W. Bush Sewage Plant," he explained.

As of Monday, Jacinto's group already has more than 8,000 signatures needed by July 7th to qualify for this November's ballot.

Jacinto insists it's more than a simple pipe dream. "Just because it's funny doesn't mean it's not real," he offered. "And I feel like, you know, the political process could use a little bit of humor now and then."

San Francisco Republican Party Chairman Howard Epstein said it is a smear campaign and a waste of money.

"This is just some far-left loonies trying to play games with the city," Epstein said. "This is not going to go down without a fight."

The people who work the treatment plant find it insulting.

"It's not amusing to me, nor my folks who are true professionals," said Assistant Manager Tommy Moala. "And a lot of them have been here since the plant went online. They run it 24/7, 365 days a year."

Some residents were only too happy to sign the petition. "It seems like a good way to commemorate one of the people who is the most full of what's in the sewage plant," suggested James Chiancini.

However, Andrew Felsinger said he would vote no, for the president's sake, and San Francisco's, too. "It's silly, it's silly and we'd look like flakes."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

one of my special talents

at nowhere bar...saturday, july 19th for my friend peter's birthday party!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

solid gold

tonight marks the third installment of my new thursday night residency at sugarland in williamsburg where i tagteam the night with old friend larry aka merkin muffley. the first week was kinda fun and promising, last week was dismal so we'll see what this week has in store for us. whether there's a crowd or not me and merkin have a gay ole time switchin it up and just enjoying ourselves. but here's a hot, new track i just discovered by the golden filter called 'solid gold' and it's just that....solid and golden....


the golden filter - solid gold

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i despise the past
for it always regurgitates itself
into the present
eventually polluting my future
and dissolving any hope i possibly had
deteriorating my driving force
and making my powers fade
intot he realm of storybooks
i am a pleasant demon
a gremlin for good if you will
irreverent as some would say
delivering a passion never seen before
or not seen very often at least
i have quite an eventful history
whether i wantto disdain it or not
but i keep catapulting into darkness
and i constantly find myself
fighting storm clouds and thunder
to find my solace
someday i think
everything will fall into place
i just hope i am coherent enough
to witness it all
i definitely deserve much more than this
i've struggled for way too long
people know who i am
people respect me
people flock to me
then with all of this
why can't i ever be successful?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

uh oh!

here's a hot little track i recently found. it's a remix of 'talk like that' by the presets by miami horror that is just dirty brimstone with a nice psychadelic breakdown in the middle. the presets are an amazing duo from australia that i recently got the sweaty pleasure of going to see in williamsburg a bunch of weeks ago. their show was insane! i felt like a teenager again jumping up and down to the crazy industrial yet sometimes cunty beats haha.


the presets - talk like that (miami horror remix)

housing works?

tonight was one of the best nights of my life

on monday, i was terminated from my position of store manager at housing works thrift shop in chelsea. it was the flagship store. it was the model that six other fundraising entities were designed after. i used to wake up every day and look forward to taking the train and walking into the beloved chaos, trying every day to make sense of a world that gave me purpose....a situation that provoked me to use every fiber of my being to perform miracles on a daily basis. i relished the challenges i was faced with each and every minute of each and every day. i laughed at the inconsistency of the tyrannical upper management. it was all for the cause. we were supposedly all banning together to raise money for homeless new yorkers living with hiv and aids. i devoted my wasted threshold for pain to this ridiculous organization. nothing could dare diminish the sparkle in my eye as i led a bunch of wonderful misfits on a journey each day to make sense of the mayhem that was delivered to us each afternoon and each morning and sometimes each evening. i tried my very best.

unfortunately, once again, my passion, my intellect and my opinion thwarted my plans. i had a steady paycheck. i had health benefits. i finally managed to forge myself a bank account. i grew up! all that is gone for now. someone in a position higher than me did not like the fact that i was someone people admired, someone that earned respect because he deserved respect, someone that could ask anything of anyone because they knew that i would do the same if i had to, someone who had all the qualities that fulfilled the position. that person destroyed the fortress i had temporarily created in one day. she does not deserve such power.

but tonight, my former coworker, my confidant, my friend, my joy...organized a farewell party for me that completely blew me away. she gathered all the people that i care deeply about...all the people that made my experience worth experiencing....all the people that i've touched so deeply and in return have touched me so deeply...into one ridiculous room to send me off the proper way. all this has reinforced the fact that i was a success. all of this has reinforced the idea that my magic will always be remembered. all of this shall propel me to return to form in the next few weeks as the superhero that i am. and shannon, the australian angel, got all dressed up for me and looked so pretty!

if i were not me...i would certainly envy me because i have experienced such love and i have experienced such loyalty and i have experienced the sorcery of mankind. it might sound silly and it might sound fantastic but that is because it is. it is so goddamn rare to be understood. it is so rare to be appreciated. it is so rare to be a leader that people admire and i have accomplished all of those things. i have succeeded and i am proud to be there to witness it all.

thank you!

p.s. i got my bear! and my pajamas!


so in my absence from blogging i've finally gotten back to my magical ritual of feverishly writing poetry in my prison like elevated chamber of slumber i have had to deal with the past month and a half. so basically the next bunch of posts are going to be onslaughts of my recent recollections and pieces of pugnacious prose for you to endure....here it goes....here it comes

just like every other person in the universe
my future is terribly unclear
my goals are often unattainable
my choices are often misguided
but i still feel like a winner
i still feet like my days are full
and my nights exciting as always
there are a thousand things i want to do
and a thousand things i have already done
i have friendships that are cream of the crop
and my intentions for the most part are pure

i believe in many things
yet i question everything
to me...that is living divine
that is ultimately sublime
what i need is a little more focus
but the world is much too fascinating
to stay in one place on a mental level
sure...i haven't left the country
but i have brothers and sisters
from all over the world
and a little piece of each and every one of them
has come to inhabit me eternally
i will survive simply on that notion
until i get a chance to explore the world
but until then
i will enjoy each day
and make my mark wherever i go!

Friday, July 11, 2008


they say there's a time and a place
for everything
well i kinda think
that's bullshit
if you want to do something
then just fucking do it
as long as it's not hurting
someone that doesn't deserve pain
go right ahead and do it
if someone gets in the way
of your recklessly speeding car
then so be it
run them over
if someone cannot handle
the beauty of your magic
then let them become a frog
you know where you're headed
wrong turns eventually lead to right turns
and frankly
fairy tales were not meant to have
happy endings
if life was not all about pain
and suffering and learning
why would the first thing we all do
is cry?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

give it 2 her

i finally got back to blogging! damn it! i have been so upset that i haven't been keeping up with this but i decided tonight in my half drunken stupor that i need to stop procrastinating and get back into it. two of my buddies sent me these remixes almost simultaneously (guy ruben and barney philly) so i figured i'd share them with you lovely punks.

amid all the crazy gossip about the queen....cheating on guy with a-rod and having yet another smash hit tour (even though some stupid asses want to focus on one and only one venue she's having trouble selling out) and possibly divorcing that "guy" i wanted to showcase one of the most amazing songs she's ever done as well as one of the greatest songs ever created in my opinion. give it 2 me is an absolutely perfect song from beginning to end....i love the fedde le grande remix a lot for it's disgusting beat and bleeps but it cuts out all the verses of the song (a crime in my opinion) and especially love that she worked with him because she used his 'put your hands up for detroit' to mash up with 'music' for her recent promo tour in nyc and london but the tong and spoon remix is just deliciously grimey and reminds me of the magical production of trentemoller. (i was at the roseland show she did and will never forget that 24 hours because i waited in line for 6 hours for a wristband to get in the following night). so here it is....a fantastically brimstone remix of madonna's 'give it 2 me' for you to enjoy

bitches i'm back!

madonna - give it 2 me (tong and spoon remix)

by the way....i've been writing a ton of poetry lately so i'll be posting a ton of it in the next couple days....watch out!


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