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where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

original poetry - 'mask' & 'party'

i was skimming through an older notebook of mine and found some interesting gems. i'm not really sure who the first one 'mask' is about because i don't know exactly when it was written but it's definitely not a chipper one. the second one is called 'party' and can fit into so many different eras of my life and most likely yours. enjoy!


i just stayed put right where i was
flat on my back in almost the center of your bed
my arms behind my head barely holding my head up
while you ran away to wash away
an evidence of what we just accomplished
while i stayed sweaty and sticky
marinating in the memory

then you came back
the outline of your silhouette
glowing inconsistently in the flicker of the candlelight
the doorway framing your body
perfectly...so imperfectly

until you took your mask
and put it back on
and laid down on the farthest end of the bed
on the other side of the world
and i eventually sat up and climbed up
out of this temporary paradise
picked up my things and moved
into the awful white light
and the cold blue tiles
hoping one day you will ask me to stay
the whole night


when one party ends
eventually another one begins
so i guess i should consider myself blessed
for always having the option to entertain
i'm at another crossroad
or another plateau for that matter
where i can cross the bridge slowly
and admire the view
and overcome my fear of heights
or i can dive down into this occupation
i know i am qualified to do
yet i usually leave my hobbies
for another list
when something you love to do
finally transforms into the thing
which fills your pockets and your cupboard
you have to manage to discover
a decent balance between sacrifice
and all the other ingredients
called for in the recipe

success and perfection can happen
on a daily basis
yet how one measures
each accomplishment
is unique
failure is a myth
for each choice you make
is another perfection
it is a man made boundary
that helps you stay closer
to your intentions
and your goals
follow through like a ray of light



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