where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blow the banana fuse at ground zero

i was tempted to make a gwen stefani mini reference here but even i have the ability to refrain from the most extreme corniness at times (believe it or not).
this is so disturbing and wild i just had to share it with ya'll. i got it from a new wordpress blog i just discovered called tympanogram ...sheck it owwt!

oh and here's the new track from chris cornell called 'ground zero' hmmph...he worked with timbaland? i kind of like the track for what it's worth. i wish he worked some of this beat magic for madonna's album but it seems to me he gave her the least creative stuff he had in his repertoire and figured he was getting paid anyway. tis a shame because although she has had her fair share of looking the fool for her often panned recent musical direction, its his name on it too. the lyrics to this track are a little hokey and the video is a little unbearable to watch at times but i'm anxious to see what happens to this song. it has a bit of gnarls barkley in it doncha think?

chris cornell f. timbaland - ground zero



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