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where is the cerebral jester?
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Thursday, July 5, 2007

god bless america

so i spent the fourth of july alone
comically contemplating the country i live in
simultaneously watching the fireworks
from my bedroom window
and the television too
while politcally correct song choices
soundtracked the festivities
and politically correct singers
went through their patriotic motions
harmonizing about oceans white with foam
and pleading for god to bless america

it all never seemed so staged
as it did this year
but maybe i haven't watched the live broadcast
since i was a kid
since i was naive
not one mention of the idiotic war we're in
or all the soldiers that have died for halliburton
just a couple of miss americas
and their mesmerizing smiles
while red white and blue umbrellas
protected everyone from the raindrops
i found it wonderful and fitting
that the celebration in the capital
was cancelled due to tornado warnings
so much for god and his blessings


BinAdolfDarwin said...

I spent my 4th home sleeping! I was in a pissy mood! @ least it was better than last years 4th throwing my guts up from over drinking!


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