where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

!raey wen yppah - chauncey treat

greetings loyal readers!

2008 looks like the most promising year of my life! i have a full time job as store manager of housingworks thrift shop in chelsea, nyc...i have dj gigs coming out of every direction...three this week alone! tonight and next tuesday i'll be at nowhere bar in the east village (14th between 1st and 2nd aves) for the weekly bear essentials party, friday i'll be spinning at gstaad in the flatiron district (26th between 6th and broadway) and sunday i'm returning to the new sunday night party grind at boysroom also in the east village (13th and avenue a)

i'm also possibly moving out of manhattan into williamsburg (getting so close to downtown hehe). it's all very exciting for me and i plan on doing a lot of things this year that i was never able to because of job restrictions, absence of funds and just simple procrastination. i want to travel! i want to make music! i want to write and produce a play! i want to finally write that children's book! i want to take some classes! i want to have a boyfriend!

my plan is to set a goal each month and try my damnest to complete it by the last day. not sure yet what january's goal is but it just might be that children's book that's been floating around my head for years. (and i had the idea long before madonna did it hehe)

here's to 2008!
love beams,
chauncey d

here's the first chauncey treat of the new year...and it basically expresses exactly how i feel at the moment...frisky...funky and fresh!
the bumblebeez - dr. love (trizzy's free i-phone remix)


Guy Ruben said...

Maybe another reader will make a screename for u too. When u have haters, you know u made it! lol


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