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where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


nothing like a healthy porn star feud to take your mind of unemployment, mishandled bailout money, jamaica, that wench who ran for vice president recently or lovely daughter biden and her hard to please cocaine demands....

from www.queerty.com

Michael Lucas Takes on Black Porn Stars (Not In That Way)


Never shy to discuss topics he considers himself an expert on, Michael Lucas stoked the race fire earlier this month with a few words on why, in his view, there aren't enough black men in gay porn. Simply put: Homophobia. The black community hates "the gay lifestyle" too much to put black penises in black butts. Or something. Like much of what Lucas writes or does online, his missive drew its critics. Including black porn stars.

Like Diesel Washington, who Lucas dubs "THE PORN STAR WHO GOT IT ALL WRONG."

Washington responded to Lucas' comments (in tw33n sp3@k) and Lucas responded to Washington with his own in-line response (in bold), because THIS IS HOW INTERNET DIALOGUE WORKS:

Now lets talk about the whole M.L. thing, I read his blog about the Homophobia in the Black Community….BULLSHIT…… M.L. knows nothing about the situation… (Really? Do I not read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to rap?) He really needs to stop opening his mouth about subjects he knows nothing about…. He really should stick to talking about what he knows best…..The Russian Jew thing!!! I don't care if he employs Black Models in his movies or what not… U cant speak about things that U know nothing about…. I had to check M.L. a few times at the Gay Porn Summit in 2008 for making comments that he knew nothing about (what the hell is he talking about?). Its all Hype and Bullshit and he is taking things too far…. I'm here to give him a reality check… STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS THAT DON'T EFFECT YA!!! (Actually, it does affect me very much, as it affects any gay man, no matter what color he is). Ur not Black, or ever will be Black, (It's very insightful. I will never be black, but I see no problem talking about any issue that any community of the world has) so stop talking on the behalf of the Black Community… (Actually, I never did talk on behalf of the black community)


And bless our controversy-loving hearts, Lucas didn't end there:

Diesel Washington is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he decided to make an Anti-Semitic comment, where he basically said that I should shut up and only talk about the "Jewish thing." This points out the Anti-Semitism in the African-American community, which I believe goes back to the 1960s (Check out articles here and here). I don't take Anti-Semitism lightly, so I left a message for Keith Webb at Titan. I haven't heard back from him yet. But I wanted to bring it to the industry's attention. Lots of industry professionals are Jews, and I don't think that such comments should be tolerated.

On a sidenote, I'd like to point out Diesel Washington's confusion. Diesel is saying that in order to comment on the black community, one should be black. WRONG! One doesn't have to be black in order to comment about African Americans, just like one doesn't have to be white to talk about the white community.

PS: Please don't get me wrong. I am very friendly with the guys at Titan Media. I collaborated with them on projects and the comments by Diesel Washington does not reflect at all on Titan Media, though I believe that Titan should take appropriate actions.

In order to comment on the porn industry, do we need to be in porn?


this might be one of my most graphic and vulgar and instigating an arguement type, editorials i've ever written...i apologize...i'm gonna go wash my fingers and keyboard out with soap afterward hehe

now i'm not really sure what i think of all this unnecessary quarrelling but i have some ideas about it and i feel like expressin them hehe
first of all...i don't know what prompted mr. lucas to say all that he did but if he did any research or paid attention to any other porn company or penis other than his own, he would know there are quite the lot of black, latino and blatino porn companies and sites out there...all the way up to barebacking and every other taboo and cliche so it's definitely not a new genre by any means...and he wasn't making a groundbreaking statement by alluding to the fact that there is a strong force of homophobia in the african american community as there is in just about every other boxed in nationality, stereotype and religious group, but to attempt to correlate the two together made for some irresponsible pseudo-reporting/editorializing as far as i'm concerned. the debate could go on for hours about this whole scenario and i think that diesel's retaliation was geniusly calculated to sit on the verge of being a big mistake and misconstrued as ignorant.
it seems diesel might actually be one of the sharper knives in the drawer and senor lucas should stick to what he knows best...methodical watersports 'bonus' scenes and nauseatingly narcissistic attempts at 'serious' porn film making with...storylines. that's like putting horseradish into your cheesecake recipe and passing it off as a tiramisu. (how's that for the most ridiculously forced, non cliched analogy ever! haha). if you want to make a film with a storyline and construct it with actual characters with emotional archs and a full blown script...then do it...and leave the graphic sex scenes for the blue store on eighth avenue. plain and simple, nobody wants anything other than hot men having hot sex with maybe a little sprinkle of a tongue in cheek 'awkward' situation to be the scenario behind the filmed 'encounter'. now i've met michael lucas and was definitely impressed with the brief conversation we had one summer afternoon in chelsea when i ran into him hanging out with my friend steven aka hedda lettuce. i don't remember much about the conversation but it was obvious mr. lucas had more to offer than his dick and good looks.
i've actually enjoyed reading his little 'essays' towards the back of hx magazine once in a while where he would rant with a strong helping of sassiness about a current controversial topic ruffled up with sharp injections of intelligent wit and sarcasm...several of those elements that have gone and dried up years ago in that formerly 'politically incorrect' publication and all that remains is a glossy, super homogenized and photoshopped shell of a magazine that gives awards each year to the bar that buys the most ads and offers all the advice it can to be the perfect, zombie stereotype of what a faggot is supposed to be to get by in this world. at least mr. lucas was offering some punch and power with his words.
i certainly agree with him when he said that you don't have to be black to have an opinion about the black community, but like i said earlier...there is really no relevance to the points that he made about black men and their 'absence' in the porn industry when they are certainly well represented in my opinion from the most 'ghetto' thug pulled straight from the streets of harlem at his lowest point, submitting to jerking off on camera (disgusted in knowing its for a bunch of creepy, old white faggots to jerk off to) to the uber polished, david bartonized, eyebrows tweezed/goatee penciled in, lispy boy from nebraska who just happens to be black (but has wished he was white all his life) screaming like a girl while he gets double penetrated for the first time on camera and everything in between. when it comes to porn...the word fetish or taste or type comes to mind...certain bodies look better in leather...some better in fatigues...others in a jock strap and people are hired only for the equation of their endowments, their willingness, their attractiveness and threshold for pain...but first and foremost as a commodity, a selling point, whether they convey what the person making the film wants them to convey or at least get close to it after hours and hours of filming and hours and hours of editing. eventually, real amateur porn started to take the reigns because there were only so many pizza delivery guys that got a different kind of tip storylines, patron who stayed until the bar closed and made googly eyes at the bartender scenarios and coaches that 'accidentally' walked in on their newest team member masturbating in his jock incidences before people got bored. thanks to xtube, voyeurism exploded into a whole new universe of possibility. porn is about its viewers idolizing, fantasizing, watching, closeted or not and the visuals and actions they want to pay for are as specific as they are broad.
calling diesel "THE PORN STAR WHO GOT IT ALL WRONG" is ludicrous...especially coming from someone that has been in the business for years. i would definitely like to hear his elaboration on that statement because i've met mr. washington and i would have to brutishly disagree with that lucasism. diesel is a sight to be seen in any of the films i've seen him in. a giant in stature, he towers over most if not all of the actors he shares the screen with. he comes in carrying a frame of muscles built upon muscles, a thick, dark and meaty manhood that he certainly knows how to use and a naturally devious unsmile that pushes his intimidation factor well over the edge. would it make sense if he were cast as an emotional lover, cooking pancakes for his honey while intermittenly squeezing fresh orange juice before his boyfriend finally wakes up and enters the kitchen with his boxer shorts tenting and eventually forcing diesel on his knees to service him. no. no. no. it would be ridiculous. diesel saw his market and thrusted straight head on into it and worked it to his advantage. the best part about it is that diesel has the warmest smile on that ruggedly handsome face, is extremely friendly and sensual and a pleasure to work with. he has made appearances at the eagle and gay erotic expo in nyc when i've been djing and he quickly and easily destroys any semi-prejudiced misconception you had of this 'tall, black, slightly thuggish' superman that walks into the room. the thing is...diesel is a wild, animalistic, relentless top in the movies...so far playing the 'angry black man' role pounding the hell out of mostly clean cut, little white boys who have no idea what they signed up for. is he like that all the time? not sure. is he like that once in a while when he is with someone he is really into and wants to lose control? not sure. doesn't matter. it is none of our business. diesel is doing his job and doing it well. he's also pretty new on the scene in relation to the seasoned career of the czar. in mr. lucas' extensive career, i think the only role he's ever played was that of a selfish top with a big dick and a full bladder. i don't recall ever seeing or hearing about him managing to give up control enough to let himself be filmed being a bottom for the camera. would that make him less of a man? could there possibly be a little homophobia action beneath michael lucas' perfect skin that is sneaking out in the form of a big whitehead of misplaced agression?
does he not think that there are quite a freakin lot of people that would pay big bucks to see his tight, 'russian jew' ass get ripped to shreds by a well hung stud while his perpetually puckered lips are pierced by another fat cock and his eyes water with tears as he chokes on it?
i have a solution that will be the lucas film/titan media blockbuster collaboration of the year.

have 'the porn star who got it all wrong' diesel washington, mandingo extraordinaire, star in a volume of 'auditions' where he pretends to be straight and then freaks out and rapes the hell out of michael lucas and takes a big leak right on those big, juicy pout for all of both of their fans to see. i know i would certainly illegally download that scene! wouldn't you?

no hard feelings guys...kiss and make up. it sounds like you have been taking tips from 50 cent and kanye west and are trying to drum up some attention with a controversial feud to beef up sales. we really don't care if you guys hate each other...we just want to see you fuck! haha

(i promise the next post will feature butterflies and dolphins and a way different type of fairy)

bruno gets overrated...

unfortunately this will prevent the film from having the major success it most likely deserves considering sacha baron cohen's genius, even though his other well loved and hated borat was probably the conduit for the most blatantly rough display of political incorrectness and scenes so hilarious yet so wrong on so many wonderfully taboo levels they almost made you embarrassed to laugh at them in public until you heard pounds and pounds of snickers behind and in front of you. but i must say it makes me want to see the farce that much more! so... the man who played madonna's chauffeur in her 'music' video is possibly one of the 'gays' in the profoundly immoral sex scene in this movie.
this will definitely attract attention to the comedy but not sure which kind of attention it will become in our recently reinstated puritanical reign and sheer indifference to the overall political and social climate of the world. (wow that was heady but sarcastic and farcical nonetheless...here's the article along with an amazing shot of sacha as 'bruno' haha.

(boris! i expect to see this with you when it hits the theatres...don't let chauncey down! haha)

MPAA Slaps Bruno With NC-17 for Gay Sex Scene


from http://queerty.com

When Borat first hit the desk of the Motion Picture Association of America, Sacha Baron Cohen was handed a NC-17 rating. He lobbied it down to a R, and still managed to include the gratuitous scene of him wrestling with the fat guy. Naked. Well, history repeats itself with Bruno, Cohen's gay fashionista follow-up. Blame a butt sex scene.

Its first time out, Bruno, about a gay Austrian "fashionpolizei" TV host, also snagged a NC-17 rating. Hilarious, but it's a death sentence for a film, restricting not just who can see it but which theatres will show it; most cinemas refuse to screen flicks with ratings above R. That, and distributor Universal will refuse to release it unless Cohen gets it down to a R.

So now Cohen & Co. have to cut enough footage to make the MPAA happy.

Likely on the chopping block? A scene where Bruno "appears to have anal sex with a man on camera." And the scene where "the actor goes on a hunting trip and sneaks naked into the tent of one of the fellow hunters, an unsuspecting non-actor."

Now, what are the over-unders on, if the anal sex scene were a depiction of a man and woman having sex, the MPAA wouldn't have got so upset?

Ashley Biden Alleged Cocaine Tape Seller Withdraws Under Fire

Ashley Biden Alleged Cocaine Tape Seller Withdraws Under Fire

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boycott jamaica!

and here's just a couple reasons why....visit the very thorough site for much more information!

Human rights activists have given Jamaica the infamous title: “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth.” If you love your gay friends and family members, you won’t visit Jamaica. If you care about the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, you won’t buy Jamaican products.

Isn’t it time we stop rewarding this hate state with our tourism dollars? Isn’t it time to stop drinking Jamaican beverages, such as Myers Rum and Red Stripe Beer?

This nation should be avoided at all costs until the Jamaican government takes action to end the country’s virulently homophobic climate and draconian laws that persecute homosexuals. Until Jamaica takes the following easy steps an official boycott is in effect:

1) Publicly commit to end gay bashing on the island and improve the human rights situation

2) A statement from the Prime Minister clearly and unequivocally condemning violence against GLBT people and expressing regret for past violence

Sunday, March 29, 2009

'beetlejuice' @ nowhere! next sunday!

don't forget! my montly party @ nowhere bar is next sunday! read all about it and rsvp on the facebook event page right here --- 'beetlejuice'

live to tell about tears

not sure if you remember the amazing track by dj shadow that was an underground hit in the 90's called 'organ donor' (and now i finally understand the 'donor' part...just thought it was cheeky for a different reason) but when madonna peformed live to tell while hanging on a disco cross during 2006's confessions tour...that was the track that most thought she sampled and incorporated into the emotional and naturally controversial centerpiece during her show...recently i found a track by techno mastermind giorgio moroder that i discovered was the original culprit of brilliance. i've uploaded the track for you and also embedded the live performance of 'live to tell' so you can compare....stuart price, her musical director for the show, is obviously a moroder fan and must have been the one to suggest using it...so glad he did because the reworking was epic!

giorgio moroder - tears

and here's dj shadow's video for 'organ donor'...it's actually quite the clip!

chauncey treats

so in this new day and age with limitations arising from day to day and taboos inverting and constantly reinventing themselves we must find new ways to share the things we love in the virtual universe...chauncey treats will now come packaged in a box for you....click below to taste

chauncey treats for the end of march

(password will always be 'cerebraljester')


and post a comment goddamnit! let me know you're out there!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

turn off your lights! earth hour 2009!

NYC Joins Earth Hour 2009!

03/28/2009 02:28 PM

On March 28 at 8:30 PM, individuals and businesses across the five boroughs of New York City will join millions of people around the world to make a dramatic statement of concern about climate change by turning off their lights for one hour.

From Manhattan’s iconic skyscrapers, to key landmarks in all five boroughs, to the apartments and houses of individual New Yorkers across the city, Earth Hour will provide an opportunity to raise awareness among our friends and neighbors, teach our children and engage our elected officials about the need to address climate change.

To show your support for Earth Hour in NYC, please sign up now to join fellow Earth Hour supporters as we fight to save our planet. Individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations can sign up and commit to turning off their lights for Earth Hour.

By participating in Earth Hour 2009, you will send a clear message that New Yorkers from Brooklyn to Staten Island care about climate change and stand in solidarity with citizens of the world demanding action on this vital issue.

From Amman to Warsaw, the skylines of over 200 cities in 62 countries will go dark for one hour as individuals, businesses, government buildings, schools and major landmarks turn off non-essential lighting in what will be the largest climate event in history. The list of participating cities includes Beijing, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kiev, Kuala Lumpur, London, Mexico City, Moscow, Rome, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Toronto, with more expected to sign on in the weeks ahead.

The goal of Earth Hour 2009 is to give voice to the millions of people who want global action on climate change. Join us now!

they still make great videos vol. 399

the first one is from n.a.s.a. the new supergroup comprised of kanye west, santigold and lykke li! the album is called "the spirit of apollo"...can't wait to hear the whole thing...this jam is hot!

N.A.S.A. - "Gifted" video from Anti Records on Vimeo.

n.a.s.a. - gifted

here are two from brilliant producer/dj gui boratto

Azurra from luciana10mg on Vimeo.

gui boratto - azurra

Besides from luciana10mg on Vimeo.

gui boratto - besides (video installation used on his 2009 tour)

The Galvatrons - When We Were Kids from Bart Borghesi on Vimeo.

the galvatrons - when we were kids

Axle Whitehead - Anywhere from Bart Borghesi on Vimeo.

axle whitehead - anywhere (i think i have a crush on axle despite his surname haha)

and last but not least is a semi oldie but goodie featuring one of my favourite subjects...madonna. i didn't even know there was a video for this song and glad i caught up to it now...it's pretty funny...almost as funny as the song...enjoy!

The Androids - Do It With Madonna from Bart Borghesi on Vimeo.

the androids - do it with madonna

Friday, March 27, 2009

original poetry - outside

just went for a quick walk outside
the air was chilly
the air was damp
the city seemed hungry
almost voracious
and at the same time
the city looked actually
the first time
in a long time
i felt like sinking my teeth
into this mundane town
burdened with the paychecks
of a thousand architects
who sold their drafting tables
to the highest bidder
i climbed out from
a recently found
pit of desperation
i chose to climb out
before the lights ran dim
before i could even find
the tiniest thing i admired
for muck and destitution
can come across as pretty
with the right canvas
with the right alteration
but i don't want to formulate
the beauty i swim within
i want it to be natural
i want it to be wrong and right
i want it to be alive
i think it was the perfect purgatory
for i learned that limbo
is a place i'd rather not visit
again and again or anymore
i will bleed and lie
deep in concussion
before i shall ever
stagnate myself again
for only i am to blame
for only i can escape
for i am outside

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

madge flashback 1993

check out her entrance! haha

part 2

never saw this before!~!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the led is my shephard...

i can't even believe this! it's unbelievable!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

chauncey - the graphic artist?

so i found this on the man's computer today while he was sleeping...because it was my birthday i got to play on the big imac rather than the laptop. there must be some kind of magic in that chair because i was really productive and got a lot of things done that i've been trying to do at home but alas...i am so easily distracted when i am home.

i almost forgot that i had made this piece of graphic art a couple months ago. dan let me play around with adobe illustrator and his wacom tablet to create this funky, modern piece. i'm in love with it and want to show everyone! haha. i'm obviously mildly delusional but i'm ready to make prints of it and sell it on ebay! haha
let me know what you think of it....

for a full size version click here

Sunday, March 22, 2009

vermillion pleasure night!

this is my new favourite thing in the universe!
get into it!!!!!!!!

<a href="http://www.joost.com/37nk81g/t/Vermilion-Pleasure-Night-Volume-1">Vermilion Pleasure Night Volume 1</a>

it's always christmas...for michael jackson

first of all...why is this news? second of all...why are people still fascinated with michael jackson? thirdly, why am i blogging about it? haha

Professionally, Michael Jackson has achieved more than most of us can even dream. His music has lifted each one of us out of more than a funk or two, while his videos and dance beckon millions of fans to strive toward perfection. Like The Beatles and Elvis, Jackson is one of the few timeless and resonate voices of our generation.

Michael Jackson never targets for the middle.

There is something undefined within us that seeks to provoke our heroes until they lie before us broken and beaten. Perhaps mediocrity just wants to prove that aiming for perfection exacts too high a price.

The magnifying glass under which Michael Jackson has lived his entire life has exacted an obvious price. Still as we berate him we can't stop watching him -- no matter how often we think we've seen it all. My sense is he'd never want the anonymity of a life out of the limelight. His latest concert announcement is a testament that he still has inspiration to share with his fans.

It's only with that sense of respect and awe -- and my own warped desire for Warhol's immortal fifteen minutes that I am reporting on his Christmas decorations. Jackson is one of a kind. I'm glad he's in my neighborhood and in the world.

Merry Easter Michael.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i'm going to the black party...

in all the years i've been entrenched in nyc nightlife...i've never managed to make it to the black party...created by the saint at large...but tonight i have a ticket and am going to get ready soon. it's an all saturday night into sunday afternoon and evening affair and it's the last of those bygone days of circuit parties that still exist...and that's probably a great thing. i'm interested to see what all the fuss is about as well as i'm sure if i'm not impressed everyone will say...'oh but you should have been there two years ago...five years ago....twenty years ago even...' i'll simply reply, "but i wasn't".

will give you the full review whenever i get home hehe....my friend guy smith is designing the light show once again so that should definitely be something to see!

visit the saint at large website for more info...if you scroll down to their photo spread of their christmas party...you can catch a pic of me if your eyes are quick enough haha


andy warhol had the same question as me...

the glamour - love burn

enjoy! i know i am

Thursday, March 19, 2009

its my turn to be the birthday boy!

just when i really get into a groove blogging...something just happens and it looks like i fall off the face of the virtual planet. my apologies. guess what sunday is? MY BIRTHDAY!!!! excitingly enough, there somehow managed to be a full weekend that just fell into my path and i'm so thankful for the variety of experiences i am about to...well....experience... tonight, thursday, i'm going to see the big art group performance at the kitchen thanks to my dear friend drew (who managed to score three tickets for me) the show is another installment of the 'dead set' series which i managed to be overwhelmed by a little over two years ago. it was the night i was about to embark on my dj debut at the eagle and my plan was to use the show as inspiration for my set. i had no idea what and how much i was about to experience. the show was mindblowingly brilliant and images and emotions from the production still pleasurably haunt me to this day. here are some preview pics of tonight's performance.

i must say this new incarnation of the big art group is light years more colourful than the dingy dirge and raw burn of the previous show but that does not mean that this show is suitable for even a high school class. just look at the faces of the animals and you'll have a clue as to what i'm getting into.

check out their blog with news, photos and videos
here i also have some really exciting gigs to announce and i shall also be attending a cabaret performance by a dear friend and supremely talented vocalist by the name of coby koehl. i created a facebook event page for his show and in order to help promote ticket sales, i quickly fizzled out a rather amazing little snippet describing his vocal prowess and complicated stylings. coby was floored by my description and could not thank me enough. the link for the facebook event page is here but i will copy and paste what i wrote about him that got him all verklempt haha.

"my 33rd birthday is sunday, march 22nd and one of the stops on the Chauncey D Birthday Celebration Locomotive will be friday, march 20th @ the triad theatre on the upper west side to experience my dear friend coby koehl perform live! this man would be the singer at my wedding if it were legal hehe. his voice is a magical talisman that wields the harmony and power of the angels and the dirty soul and fiery finesse of the devils...watching him live is truly a religious experience!"

to make a reservation please call 212-362-2590 or visit
http://triadnyc.com for more info to learn more about coby please visit http://myspace.com/cobykoehl2 or http://youtube.com/cobykoehl2

the funny thing is...i don't really have anything solidified for sunday, my actual birthday, but i think i would enjoy a low key picnic in the park with my main man and some close friends. when you plan something large, i've learned too many times...the only thing you manage to pull together is a whole lot of disappointment.

out of the blue, my friend lucius contacted me. his roomate has been djing a weekly gig at east village staple, beauty bar for several years now. his dj partner will be out of town on monday and somehow i managed to snatch the empty spot and will be making my debut at beauty bar. i decided to make this my birthday celebration destination. i don't have to dj the entire night so therefore i will be able to spend time with my guests and not be stuck with a cd in one hand and a drink in the other. beauty bar is located at 231 east 14th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues. i have passed by the place a thousand times and have never actually gone in. this monday will definitely be interesting. the party is a new formula that they recently revamped so the energy will be fresh, the music sleazy and the love bountiful! here are the flyers for 'lovedolls superstar'!
the official site of my 33rd birthday celebration! here is the link for that event page as well.

my upcoming gigs are very exciting as well. good friday, april 10th i will be spinning at the eagle once again for another installment of the satyr ball series, a collaboration between nyc nightlife powerhouses mark nelson and max scott. the party is called 'the ressurrection ball' and it will feature performances by the models from the most recent photo book 'uncensored' by nyc photographer extraordinaire, joe oppedisano. i get the distinct pleasure of supplying the 'sleazy soundscape' for the debauchery that i'm sure will ensue. more info on that as the date gets closer.

crammed between the eagle and beauty bar is the third 'episode' dare i say of my brand spanking new, montly party at nowhere bar...'beetlejuice'! the party takes place on the first sunday of every month and is by all means a theme party that is growing up to be a leisurely force to be reckoned with. i've limited myself to only playing music that was released between the years of 1986 and 1995...my middle school, high school and some of my college years. it is a time that is definitely dear to me as i was surely immersed in the innocence of pop culture and absolutely loving it. interestingly enough, i moved out of my parent's house in 1995 and thus began my second birth as i quickly became the seedling and then the sprout of the wacky individual i am today. the link for the facebook event can be found.... here.

i am also excited to say that i created the next two flyers by myself and am very proud of the finished product. dating a bratty graphic designer can be a blessing and a curse (and i wouldn't have it any other way haha) but i have definitely learned a few tricks of the trade either watching him or absorbing his sometimes cruel but necessary criticism of my previous attempts at creating promotional material. check them out!

oh and last but not least....here is a little chauncey treat that i wanted to share with you. typically, it is a disgusting melange of synthetic bass and electronic bleep and bauble, but i must admit it is a bit of a departure to what i usually post. it's part bitch track with a ghetto stain laced with a devilish female semi-rap that will make your toes crinkle. the title definitely describes how i feel right about now....put on your diamante encrusted hot pants and suspenders and nothing else and werq!

maral salmassi - my shit is on

p.s. whew! that might have been the longest post i've ever written but i had to make up for lost time. i have one little request from any and all of you that read my blog. could you please leave a comment at the bottom of this post just so that i know you are out there. after all it is my birthday! i've been blogging for about four years now and i know a few of you that read my blog religiously and i am eternally thankful for that. you know who you are. one reader is enough for me to continue this self recorded journey but i just wanted to garner a clue as to why my counter goes up a little or a lot from time to time. whether you sign in as anonymous or not...please just say hello.

love beams and dirty beats,

chauncey d

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

are you a lucky stiff?

the time has finally come for me to share the decks with aldo hernandez, a former record store owner in the east village that was extremely influential to many a dj, young and old including my special someone. the night is quite an interesting night, as is always the case there...but this one has a little something extra involved. (hence the flyer above hehe) tomorrow night will be a fantastic night filled with gorgeous electro and subtle yet still filthy beats...come by and say hello!

Friday, March 6, 2009

what's wrong with this picture?

no children...your eyes are not decieving you...that is the visage of the church that became the historical and debaucherous limelight (which then became avalon later) which is now...hosting a 'sample sale'. thank you bloomberg...you have liquidated nyc forever!

they still make great videos vol. 602

just found a new batch that i think are amazing and very different from one another as well...the songs as usual are fab too! enjoy!

client - can you feel

dan black - yours

junior boys - in the morning

whomadewho - the plot

Thursday, March 5, 2009

cannot wait to watch 'watchmen'

it looks fantastic! and the director is the same genius who brought us '300'. it hits theatres this weekend but i'll probably wait until the following weekend to avoid the crazies. who wants to join me? here are some viral videos created to help promote the highly anticipated film. check them out!

here's an interesting article about the film and it's history from queerty.com

Alan Moore Didn't Just Make Comics an Art Form, He Made Them Gay, Too

27_85Some 20-plus years after it was first published, Watchmen has reached the silver screen, and nearly every seamy detail co-creator Alan Moore imbued the original work with has come along for the ride. There are plenty of explosions, fight scenes and social commentary in Watchmen to please even the most jaded of sci-fi freaks. But in addition to being glad that Archimedes and Bubastis made the cut, we're pleased as punch that the movie didn’t wimp out on including the gay characters that the comic book gave us.

Moore’s comics, including V for Vendetta, Top Ten, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more, are chockablock with GLBT characters—some heroic, some tragic, some misbegotten, but all just as wonderfully varied as gays and lesbians are themselves.

Moore has long been a supporter of gay rights, going all the way back to the dark days of Thatcher's England, when he lived with his wife, Phyllis, and their mutual lover Deborah Delano. Now, this type of Big Loveian living arrangement may sound slightly unusual for a funnybook writer, but when you talk about a man who self-identifies as an anarchist occultist and worships a Roman snake-deity called Glycon, well, most rules have to be jettisoned out of the window.

I would like the straight people to realize what an incredible contribution gay men and women have made to human culture

Though not gay himself, Moore is certainly LGBT-adjacent. And in 1988, alarmed by the proposed Section 28 amendment that would outlaw “the promotion of homosexuality” by local UK authorities and schools, Moore banded together with fellow comic writers and artist to publish AARGH—Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia. Also featuring stories and art by luminaries such as Neil Gaiman and Dave Gibbons, the main event was an eight-page epic poem by Moore called “The Mirror of Love,” which explored homosexuality from the dawn of human civilization in the Middle East to the growth of Western Civilization and beyond. The fact that Moore wrote this in-between cranking out Batman and Superman stories makes it even more amazing.

Close your eyes and try to imagine the writer for Superman or Spider-Man getting a bunch of his superfriends together now to write a comic protesting Proposition 8. Harder to picture than a man who’s faster than a locomotive? You bet. And considering that Alan Moore was doing this in the late ‘80s, when AIDS-phobia was near its peak and straight allies were hard to find, you realize exactly what kind of super man Moore is. His support was not just in an “I love my dead, gay son” kind of way, but a celebration of homosexuality and a recognition that we’ve been around from the very beginning and merit a spot at the table with the rest of humanity. That’s heady stuff from a man who cut his teeth writing Swamp Thing.

Speaking to The Advocate back in 2004, Moore said that he hoped “Mirror” might serve as a helpful and hopeful reminder to readers gay and straight. “I would like the straight people who read it to realize what an incredible contribution gay men and women have made to human culture—to realize how important, and indeed vital, they've been and continue to be. And I would like gay people who read it to realize exactly the same thing. . . If you had a sense of these men and women in the past, ranked behind you–if you had a sense of your culture, what it had achieved, what it might be capable of—then I think that might make you feel empowered.”

Bruce Banner drops the soap

While Moore was not the first comics writer to include homosexual characters, he was certainly among the first to treat them as fully-formed individuals. From Evie’s lesbian cellmate who gives her the strength to fight back against the viciously totalitarian government in Vendetta, to the chain-smoking, demon-damned bisexual John Constantine in Hellblazer, Moore’s gay characters run the gamut from the noble to the vile. To give a comparison where gays were in the comics world when Moore was writing Watchmen, gay readers could choose either a clichéd limp-wristed weirdo like El Extraño, who was attacked by an “AIDS vampire,” or a pair of perverted sex fiends out to rape the Hulk’s alter-ego, Bruce Banner.

For an industry that’s founded on muscular men bounding around in form-fitting spandex with the occasional short-shorts-clad teen sidekick, gay characters have had a rough go of it in the comic book world. Even in the relatively enlightened Aughties, it's hard out there for LGBT superfolk. Marvel Comics’ first openly gay hero, Northstar, was killed not once, not twice, but three times in one calendar month in three separate realities, each time in a throwaway, non-heroic manner. After being touted by Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada as being one of Marvel’s premiere gay heroes, Freedom Ring was killed off some five months after he was introduced, metal spikes shot through his body, including his crotch and through his, um, hinder. Insulting and nasty, and this was just in 2005.

extranoBut, fortunately, there are more gay comics characters than ever, thanks in part an ever-expanding number of out writers and artists, including Phil Jiminez, a writer and penciler on Wonder Women, and Allen Heinberg, the writer of Young Avengers, which features Marvel Comic’s first openly gay teen couple, Hulkling and Wiccan. And with DC announcing that the lipstick lesbian Batwoman is getting her own series, suddenly the streets of Gotham are seeming a bit safer for the LGBT hero. Just stay away from those metal Marvel spikes, Batwoman; they pack an awful punch and they go right for the hoo-hoo.

So, here we are, circling the drain of the first decade of 21st century and the comics world has managed to just about catch up to where the mad, snake-worshipping weirdo was in the mid to late ‘80s—from sex criminal to super-powered savior. Now if only comics would get behind having more heroes with exposed blue, pendulous wangs, too, well, I think we could all get behind that idea.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

got milk day?

i love sean penn even more than i already did after reading this!!

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Sean Penn hasn't stopped championing Harvey Milk just because the actor won an Oscar for his portrayal of the late openly gay politician and activist.

Penn was at a press conference at San Francisco's Tosca Cafe today, asking for the passage of a California bill that calls on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare Milk's birthday, May 22, as Harvey Milk Day.

"Harvey taught us the importance of standing up for what you believe in," Penn said. "He showed us the value of never giving up, and he proved that action creates change."

Schwarzenegger vetoed similar legislation last year because he thinks the day should only be marked in San Francisco and not throughout the entire state.

"I trust that Gov. Schwarzenegger is an increasingly reasonable man," said Penn. "And that he understands that passing on prejudices, as surrounds this issue...is poisonous to future generations."

Supporters of the bill argue that Milk's legacy reaches far beyond his adopted city, especially since the release and success of Gus Van Sant's biopic.

"Obviously, things have changed since last year," Geoff Kors, executive director of the gay rights group Equality California, told me this morning. "The story of Harvey Milk, which is such an important story and is now known throughout the country, will be known throughout the world. We're optimistic that in light of that the governor will reconsider."

The bill also encourages schools to use the day to teach students about Milk's life and his contributions to the state.

A spokeswoman for Schwarzenegger said the governor was not commenting on the new bill: "Typically he waits until a bill is in its final form and reaches his desk before taking a position."

Penn joined Kors along with state Sen. Mark Leno and state Assembly member Tom Ammiano at the press conference.

"Having Sean Penn there results in having much greater coverage about the bill, which in turn will hopefully help educate legislators and the governor," Kors said. "There's probably ten times more press now than when the bill was introduced last year."

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give it 2 sherry!

just found this online....my drag sista sherry vine does another madonna song dirty in this clip for her 'version' of give it 2 me....definitely not safe for work haha


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