where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Friday, October 2, 2009

beneath the paw print : a bear identity workshop

jack is a great friend of mine...we used to work together at east of eighth restaurant years ago...he was my hamburger and i was his french fry...
when there's actually a workshop on the subject, it makes one wonder whether beardom is dangerously close to becoming boredom but i'm still an optimist and try my best to live outside of a cynical cloud of thought.  the title alone is sarcastic and campy at best i suppose (or hope rather) and it sounds like the name of a low budget documentary on logo about lazy, fat, hairy guys living in wisconsin.  but knowing jack, sarcasm was definitely one of the tools behind the titling.  everything aside, i'm sure this workshop will answer as well as ask many a question and i wish my work schedule wasn't so grueling and unfair (cue violins) so that i could attend.  jack is a very intelligent, well spoken man and i'm sure this workshop will be beneficial and well recieved to all who attend. 

A Bear Identity Workshop
with Jack Bethke, MSW
Since the late 1980s the Bear subculture has emerged from obscure party nights and a few publications to a bona fide cultural phenomenon, and now includes multiple generations of gay men who are as diverse as the gay community itself.
But what does the term Bear mean today?  More importantly, how do we fit as individuals within the larger community?
This eight-week conversation will address and question various issues from a mutual aid perspective, such as: identity, body image, sex, attraction, community and career.
As a group we’ll explore trends, wellness issues, increase self-esteem, build confidence and forge stronger relationships as members of this dynamic community.
Please join us - all are welcome - bears, non-bears, cubs, chasers, admirers, etc.
Tuesday Evenings
October 12 – December 1, 2009
$25 per session (x8)
In order to ensure comfort and intimacy, space is limited and a full 8-week commitment is necessary.
To schedule a brief telephone interview, please contact Jack Bethke via email:  jack@jackbethke.com or by telephone: 917.309.1163.
Further information regarding Mr. Bethke and his practice can be found at www.jackbethke.com.



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