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Friday, October 23, 2009

kylie takes manhattan: a review by boris*

so much to my dismay, i wasn't invited by anyone to go see kylie when she was in nyc (haha) but a dear friend of mine boris* had the pleasure of witnessing the australian queen of pop in all her glory recently.   here is his review of the show and a smattering of some of the amazing pics he took that night!   oh what a circus....oh what a show it must have been!

we all know: Nobody does it better than Madonna when it comes to big spectacular shows & glammed up concerts, tours & performances.
Because down to a T, we all bow down to The Queen.
But somehow there’s something undeniably magical & brilliant left to say for another female artist who’s been doing it within the same realm of splendor for almost as long as her Madgesty have (except this girl’s 10 years younger). And I’m not talking about Britney here, not even close. Because unlike the latter, this girl has got talent, great voice, charisma, & a sex appeal all of her own. Plus she’s been around for a while now. The best part is: she’s not from this side of the planet. Kylie, was born in Australia.
ylie Minogue started off beginning her career as a child actor on Aussie TV shows, back when Soap Opera meant show businness in the early 80’s. Then she went off to be  a recording artist with her 1st single & No 1 hit “The Loco-Motion” in 1987. Which became the highest selling single of the 80’s in Australia. Leading her to her debut album called Kylie in 1988. Wich became the No 1 Album on the UK for more than a year & had her first 13 singles reaching the Top Ten in the British charts & all over Europe in the next 2 years. Who could miss hits like “I Should Be So Lucky”, “Tears on my Pillow” & “Especially For You” (that duet with another 80’s Aussie heartthrob Jason Donovan).

Her follow-up album Enjoy Yourself from 1989 was a success in the U.K., Europe, New Zealand, Asia and Australia, containing several successful singles, including the British No 1 single: "Hand On Your Heart”,  but it failed throughout North America, and she was dropped by her American record label Geffen Records.
From then on, she hit the road & embarked on her 1st concert tour: “Enjoy Yourself Tour” in  the U.K., Europe, Asia and Australia. She even gave her acting chops a 2nd try into motion picture stardom in her 1st film: “The Delinquents” premiering in December 26th 1989 in London.

Then of course, America took notice & her songs were on Radio stations & Clubs all over the nation. But it really wasn’t up until her 3rd Album (called Rhythm of Love) in 1990 that she started causing a “loco-motion” internationally with her new catchy & more sophisticated dancefloor hits “Better The Devil You Know”, “What Do I Have To Do” & “Shocked”. Topping the charts & winning awards on the U.S. & Canada also.

After that, she proved to be The (Real) Pop Princess throughout the following years to come. Ignoring her “detractors” & the bad press throughout her career, she went off to achieve many more successful albums, No 1 singles, music videos, kick-ass tours & memorable parts in films like “Bio-Dome”, “Street Fighter” & “Moulin Rouge”. Let alone alluring sexy lovers throughout her life, including her relationship with the late Michael Hutchence from INXS & the gorgeous french/spaniard actor/model Olivier Martinez from movie acclaim “S.W.A.T.” & “Unfaithful”.

2001 was the year that put Kylie on the tip of the ice Pop-sicle, having everyone (& I mean everyone) chanting to the words of  “La-la-la…” with her sickly toxic tune: “Can Get You Out Of My Head”. Being a No 1 hit single all over the world & having her album Fever reaching the Top charts of Pop music for a long time. It had 5 great Radio-ready singles & 4 hot music videos that fused her new Daft Punk-y sound with colourful, visionary & stylish graphics that would almost make U question your rather dull existence on the other side of your TV set. It was even nominated for a Grammy Award. By then, she had already become an undisputed Pop Icon to the masses & people all over the globe would even refer to her as “The European Madonna”.

After touring only in Europe, Asia, Australia & everywhere else on the map for years,
& only performing for TV late night shows in the U.S.,  MTV TRL & VH1, she had better records (& not so good: the album Body Language) to come… She was even unfortunately diagnosed in 2005 with breast cancer, leading her to postpone the remainder of 1 of her greatest tours: “Showgirl – The Greatest Hits Tour”. Being hospitalized & treated for the cure, she took the time to write a book: “The Showgirl Princess” & even launched her perfume: Darling by Kylie. She then resumed her tour as: “Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour” in 2006 making it into a heartfelt emotional rollercoaster for her fans & also having the experts’great reviews calling it: “an amazing visual extravaganza & a triumph” as well.

Kylie had to embrace that painful but rewarding period of her Life as an artistic persona & prove herself to be the strong ever-creative achiever that she is by recording her 10th studio album called: X in mid 2007. Making it the much rumoured “comeback” album. It is an electro-dance album & it was released first in the U.K. in November 2007, & then 5 months later in the U.S. on April 2008.

It is her best work to this day, & the people she hired to work with on it are nothing short of geniuses in the Pop music scene in Europe. Every single track is super-catchy & adorned with sexy synthesizer sounds & future-like beats. Mind you, her vocals are pris
tine, although  her voice is being distorted in a couple of tunes, but overall the album was an international success. So much so, that she came back to America to promote it on TV shows: The Today Show with Matt Lauer, The Late Late Show with Graig Ferguson, The Ellen DeGeneres Show & even on Dancing with The Stars & American Idol.
She then went back to England to prepare for her “KylieX2008 Tour” , starting it on May 6th 2008 in Paris. Grossing in the numbers as another great successful tour, but having us fans longing & lusting for K
ylie to grace us all with her joyful presence on U.S. soil.

Over & over again we’d  ask ourselves that old & repetitive question in our heads: Why oh why wouldn’t she ever bring her tours over here..? Knowing her big following in the U.S. and the Iconic figure she represents for all us fans…but it was no miracle that she would sooner or later eventually decide to do so.

Hence, that day would finally arrive, as we all looked shocked & surprised on our computer screens (early this year) when she decided to post her planned big American tour for the 1st time ever. Our faces turned into colours of joy & excitement, having us all buying those tickets online & putting us all through the long wait…painfully so for that day to ever get here. And so, as fate would have it, monday October 12th, was IT for me!

It was her 2nd night at The Hammerstein Ballroom in N.Y.C.
Don’t really know where to start… Can’t even describe the feeling…
But let me just start by telling you that we all in the audience freaked out when we heard the first beats of music & were (literatelly) blinded by these sharp & colorful laser beams that were all over the place for her big entrance. Descending from the skies on top of a big silver studded skull (wearing this skintoned robe that made her look like a Movie Star from the Golden Era of Hollywood), & singing to the tunes of  her song “Light Years”.
There she was, as petite & beautiful as always, & as strong & Hot as ever: Kylie!!!

For the record: not 1 moment of this 2 hour show was dull or boring. It was a non-stop mind-blowing, hyper-sexy, fun-coloured show to enjoy! It was so much fun, & her joy is so contagious that you feel like you were trippin’ on acid while being in a Theme Park. L.O.L! At times you couldn’t help but wishing for it to never end…really.
The special effects & those laser beams (yes, again), the big production, the psychodelic graphics on the big screens, the coreographies, her dancers’ costumes & her outfits (gorgeous), the different stage sets & (of course) the music! She performed every single song we all wanted to hear. She even made a little tribute to Madonna by fusing “Vogue” with 1 of her own songs from the Fever album “Burning Up”. It was flawless. It was simply perfect. In other words: The show in town you must go see.

God knows that I have been to a lot of concerts & different shows in my life.
I’ve even thought that The Confessions Tour by Madonna was the best thing I’ve attended to or seen…because (to be honest) her last tour: Sticky & Sweet wasn’t that good…
But as painful as this may sound, let me tell you something kids: Kylie kicked ass!
She came…she conquered…she left. Leaving us all longing for more…more…more.

Now: if only The Queen of Pop would take notice.




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