where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

the eagle was chaunceyfied last night!

the return of g.r.u.f.f. was an incredible success tonight at the eagle! there were more porn stars present than i could wrap my dirty mind around. my dear friend max scott, who promotes the party pulled together quite a selection of sexy studs to reignite the fire of the monthly residency.

shortly after the witching ho
ur, none other than former porn star and now rising pop star,
colton ford, performed his new single and the title track from his forthcoming album called "tug of war". he is quite the massively handsome man i must say and so professional and sweet he seemed like someone you've known for a long time. he's also great friends with one of my future husbands from myspace (who i hope to meet and lick from head to toe),
dj pimpadelic!

(ain't he just dreamy?)

other deliciously endowed deviants included oh so handsome and so genuine trey casteel, vin nolan, the gifted rafael alancar, joe strong, victor steele, cj knight, go go god and friend torez and the riduculously and perfectly hot francois sagat

i djed tonight and if i do say so
myself (and to a decent amount of other people who came up to me and said it) i fucking rocked the house! i guess the god of djs (yes i do believe there could be one eheh) was smiling upon me because the system that the eagle has is far from cutting edge. you actually can't hear both songs that you're playing in your headphones at the same time. Trying to beatmatch (which i am one of the few newer djs in nyc that still knows how to do that) without that luxury is not the easiest thing to do. i guess it all depends on the first systems that you work on when you start out as a dj. i taught myself everything i know mixing wise and i learned it all at "the urge" and surprisingly enough, their system was far more advanced than most of the equipment i've worked on in a lot of bars and clubs in the city. i must admit i stayed up until about 5:30 am friday morning scouring the internet and begging limewire to be swift with requests so that i made sure i had the dirtiest and most disgusting house and electro tracks i could find to fuck everyone up in the head and that came to the bar and continue to make my mark as a dj who refuses to buy into the mainstream pop bullshit and introduce people to songs and artists they are pleasantly startled to find out exist. yes i am quite intoxicated so my verbal babbling is certainly at its most vivacious but what the hell....it's my blog...i'll type what i want to. but seriously, my concoction of deep, dark electro, thunderous tribal, hellish house and brimstone beats...combined with my somehow savvy technical wizardry created a soundscape that enticed, eroticized and perfectly poisoned the night. in short....i fucking delivered.

i really wish i could have recorded a portion of my set...it was definitely worth revisiting. unfortunately, the last place i was able to record my sets was a long time ago at "the urge" when the damn cd recorder underneath the dj booth worked properly. that's why the live set i uploaded and made available today (look below) is from a couple years ago. like i said in the previous post...it is definitely my most consistent and cohesive body of work i think i have ever produced. ok i'll shut up now...until i am pressed to blog about something again...hope you enjoyed the fresh photos from tonight i shared with you above....there were some hot motherfuckers up in that place tonight. unfortunately i was stuck in the booth and only got to deliriously french kiss one sexy beast who happened to be named matthew. i don't think he ever did get rid of his hiccups...



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