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where is the cerebral jester?
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

susan sarandon is my hero!!

Colbert: Is the answer to the trauma of returning vets not to bring them home?

Susan Sarandon appeared on Tuesday's Colbert Report to discuss her new film, In the Valley of Elah, which concerns a military cover-up of the murder of an Iraq War veteran

"I think it might start a dialogue about the fact that, actually, war changes you," said Sarandon. "There's a big disconnect between the politicized war and the actual war. ... All the guys who got us into this war never went to a war. They avoided a war, so they don't really have any idea what war means.

"They didn't avoid this war," objected Colbert. "They actively went after this war,"

"That's so true," agreed Sarandon.

"You're saying there's some trauma these people experience and they have to deal with that when they come home?" asked Colbert. "Isn't the answer, maybe, to not bring them home? I mean, the president has done his part in that regard."

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