where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my sugar is raw?

ok...i'm pretty drunk and pretty honest right now..

i think i'm finally fully disappointed in madonna's new direction. "selling out...is not my thing". which character was she portraying in that song? because it certainly wasn't who she was playing when she made this last song with mister pharrell williams. there are a few good hot and nasty things about this track but there are far too many things wrong with it that i really don't think i will ever fully like it and that really bothers the shit outta me.

there has been so much negativity in the madonna forums online that i visit and i don't think it has anything to do with anyone wanting "confessions on a dancefloor" part 2. they just expect quality music from madonna. not a song that you end up liking because you feel you have to because it is a madonna track. i uploaded the soundtrack for "the next best thing" on the itunes at my job and "time stood still" is a ridiculous track! the lyrics are awful...the percussion is novice...and the music is tawdry. i also listened to the "bedtime stories" album and realize that her lyrics are only deep when someone else writes them. it's kinda sad to me that someone who is so savvy and intelligent does not have the ability to write an interesting piece of poetry...nevermind more than two verses. the past ten years of her songs have been verse/chorus/verse/chorus/some funky techno bleep or orchestration/first verse again/chorus to fade.

i will always love her for some strange reason but she needs to work a lot harder if she's planning on ever getting considered an artist in my eyes ever again. there were some amazing lyrics on every single one of her albums but they are diamonds in the rough and not every single piece. maybe she needs a break to refresh...maybe she needs some time off...maybe she needs to go on vacation a little more often....maybe she needs to quit while she's almost ahead...

with that i leave you...(rehashed drum roll please)

madonna - candy shop (demo)



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