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where is the cerebral jester?
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Monday, October 1, 2007

ominous october

it's the first day of the ominous month of october! my favourite time of year is approaching...dominated by hues of orange and tainted with the upcoming chills of autumn nights and silky shadows...i wrote a poem the other night after seeing an amazing moon filled sky just days after it was full..the clouds were moving so quickly that i started composing it in my head on my walk home from the train...it's called...

"the yearn"

it's such a haunted moon tonight
with the clouds rolling by so hurriedly
the promise of perhaps a rainstorm
or hopefully a thunderstorm
looms in the thick sauna air
like a soldier ensuring his return
as he boards a plane to a war torn world
the hot and cold collide
battling a familiar fight
knowing who shall be victorious
as each swing clears the path
for autumn's corronation
eventually the rain showers down
and gallops upon my windowsill
it's presence brief but long enough
to squash the stickiness
and let the magic chill intoxicate the air
the morning will be filled with a briskness
with deep refreshing bursts in my lungs
awakening my insides
satiating my temper
the summer has reigned
for far too long it seems

nights and days of sweat soaked armpits
and the rotten odor of spoiled indifference
strewn about the streets and subways
tainted with frustration
and anger spiked delays

i long for those coat covered evenings
when the darkness continues to take control
a little sooner each and every night
and mystery follows you
from a not so far distance
from the other side of the street
the ghosts of your past
the fairies of your future
the condensation of a cold heart
and the fire of your fantasies



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