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where is the cerebral jester?
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Monday, October 29, 2007

you are the murderer

artwork by sparanoid

the following is a list of some of my favourite songs to get me into the halloween spirit. as we get older...the holidays that we once looked forward to are just shoved inbetween work weeks and paychecks and lose a lot of their magical aspect they possessed when we were children...halloween was always one of my favourite holidays and now, much to my dismay, i have so much trouble even coming up with a glimpse of an idea of what to think about a possible costume idea...let me clear things up...

i don't mean songs like Monster Mash or Thriller...i mean songs that when you listen to them they instill either a fear or longing or helplessness or anger or some sort of romanticized evil in you...they are not really in any particular order but in order of which ones popped into my head

1. poe - WILD
2. concrete blonde - BLOODLETTING
3. she wants revenge - TEAR YOU APART
4. rabbit in the moon - WAITING FOR THE NIGHT
5. siouxsie and the banshees - PEEK-A-BOO
6. annie lennox - LOVE SONG FOR A VAMPIRE
7. nine inch nails - CLOSER
8. the knife - SILENT SHOUT
9. lamb - GORECKI
10. patrick wolf - THE LIBERTINE
11. goldfrapp - DEER STOP
12. portishead - STRANGERS
13. david bowie - BRING ME THE DISCO KING

i will eventually make some of these available for download for you but i had a long ass day and i'm t.i.r.e.d.

blog soon,
chauncey d


Dreaming said...

I am loving this track listing, do you mind if I steal it? I am going to ad Cassius to it and maybe some Crystal Castles but other than that its pretty perfect for me.


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