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where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

definite eleven november 2007

dj chauncey d
definite eleven november 2007

once a month i supply you with my favourite eleven tracks that are currently on major rotation in my various sets in and around manhattan. here's my favs that dominated the past month and will likely sit around for another...lately more of my gigs have swayed less from dance floor thumpers and more into the realm of new wave and electro...i still get the occasional dance floor to destroy but as my top list reflects...i've gotten back further into my rock and roll side as my choices are a wild blend of new wave, next wave, funk, electro and the bright house track as well as the melancholic porn soundtrack song...enjoy...the tracks that are underlined you can download for your listening pleasure...

1. the bee gees - stayin alive (teddybears mix) --- out of fucking control!
2. radiohead - street spirit (funkagenda mix) --- one word...glorious
3. walter meego - through a keyhole --- a previous chauncey treat
4. the gossip - listen up (a touch of class remix) --- this one is a staple!
5. bloc party - hunting for witches --- nice and scary
6. css - alala --- the video is sick!
7. muse - muscle museum (soulwax remix) --- dirty sleazy rock
8. dub pistols - rapture (richard dinsdale remix) --- hard and dark and lovely
9. pink floyd - another brick in the wall (minitel rose remix) --- a classic updated
10. peter bjorn & john - young folks (scumfrog remix) --- dreary dance
11. nuerotic drum band - we're gonna rock ny (the glass mix) --- just sexy!

here's the video for css' "alala"...prepare yourself!

there'll be another one in december for sure but also look forward to a top twenty maybe of my favourite tracks of 2007...there are so damn many to choose from..it's gonna be a lot of work to decide!


Guy Ruben said...

These are my fave posts! J'adore all the tracks u post babe!


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