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where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

red carpet massacre

duran duran is about to release glorious havoc on the world when they make available their thirteenth studio album. 'red carpet massacre' is a wonderful effort on the part of the boys...they really deserve some praise. much to my shock, they enlisted the power team of the two t's, justin timberlake and timbaland. the album shines with a magical new wave sheen peeking out through a grungey wardrobe of the tech hop that timbaland has been perfecting over the years. not sure what justin is responsible for...maybe the melodies and some lyrics...all deserveth of much critical success. this album is very 'now'. a marriage of underground come overground technology with the nostalgic resurgence of the 80's sensibility. it gives me gleaming hope of what will come of the new madonna epic which is famously produced mostly by the same team. not to turn it into a madonna pre review but i think she'll rock the world again this time around...as long as those pharrell williams turds are relegated to z sides or used for a silly neptunes compilation...

here's the tracklist...and i've also made 'tempted' available for you to download as a taster of the whole cd. at first listen it's what i see as the stand out track...also look for 'skin divers' as the supposed second single

1. the valley
2. red carpet massacre
3. nite runner
4. falling down
5. box full o'honey
6. skin divers
7. tempted
8. tricked out
9. zoom in
10. she's too much
11. dirty great monster
12. last man standing

here's the video for 'falling down'...very michael jacksonesque of them with the full storyline...only if michael had a fucking clue as to what was really going on in the world.



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