where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i got a promotion!!!

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As of today...I am the Store Manager of Housing Works Thrift Shop in Chelsea!

It's definitely a dream come true...it's a fantastically worthwhile non profit organization...and the thrift stores raise tons of money to aid the programs that help house homeless men, women and families living with hiv and aids. For more information about what i do during the day please visit either

(the stores)
www.housingworks.org (the programs)

I'll definitely be campaigning for volunteers to help out either my store or any of the other 6 stores located around nyc. Expect a brand new myspace page devoted to the store with special discounts offered to those who are in my friend list for the store only!

It's an amazing month for me! November 17th marks my five year anniversary as a dj. Five years ago I first stepped foot behind the booth at The Urge in the east village! It has been an amazing five years...spinning at tons of different venues around the city, becoming a staple for the Metro Bears...spinning a quite memorable day on their Gay Pride Float in 2006 and many other gigs here and there and....Nowhere!

Come celebrate with me at some point this week...here's where you'll find me Tuesday Night and Friday Night!!!

tuesday, november 13th bear essentials turns 1 year old! come help celebrate the birthday of one of the newer staple nights at nowhere bar located at 322 east 14th street between 1st and 2nd avenues. there'll be lots of hot, hairy men and their admirers....porn on the tv...xxx giveaways...music by yours truly and we're even trying to fit gogo boys in the bar (that should be fun in itself)
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friday, november 16th i'll be spinning at gstaad located at 43 west 26th street between 6th and broadway. it's primarily a hetero bar but i'm trying my best to turn at least the friday nights that i fill in into a homo haven (it's a big place). it's a really wonderful bar and you should definitely check it out at least for a drink or two...plus the music is fantastic hehe
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Love Beams, Dirty Beats and Hopefully Another Five Years of Turntablism!

DJ Chauncey D

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