where is the cerebral jester?

where is the cerebral jester?
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

winsome...lose some

so i just got back from my third dj gig in six days and i must say...as much as i love to play music for other people...i would never want to do it full time. i devote so much of my time off of my day job to scouring the internet for avant garde and underground tracks to build my sets around as well as rediscovering house classics and new wave masterpieces along the way. each venue i play 'requires' a different kind of sound yet still adhering to my turntable sensibility. some songs i can play at each bar or club and some i wouldn't even dare look in my cd book for. that's the beauty of my 'occupation' and it's what keeps me in lust with my labour of love (and play money). if i only could play one genre of music i would limit myself to one gig a month i think.

sunday was fantastic. it was the opening night of a new monthly gig hosted by the metrobears called "score" held at the amazing three floor haven called bar 13. at first the soundsystem was a bit hard to manage only because the wires weren't set up properly for me like i was told they were supposed to be, but once all that madness was worked out...i completely werked it out. i had prepared a ton of cds with music i planned on slapping people in the face with as well as songs that people would remember...something i'm finally getting accustomed to...that happy medium. also, i finally had a dance floor to manipulate! a dj's dream! so many people loved what i was doing and made sure to let me or the hosts of the party know how pleased they were. i walked out of there exhausted...part deaf and satisfied because of a job well done!

then came tuesday. ugggh....a mess. it was mischief night...it was 'bear essentials' at nowhere bar in the east village and it was our monthly black out party where we dim the lights...put up black material to create nooks and crannies for the hairy ones to frolick in unabashedly and i had prepared a haunting set of halloween inspired songs along with personal spooky and melancholic favourites. the crowd seemed to not respond to my intentions and it got me down...the crowd also wasn't as interesting or familiar as usual and the energy was just so off. i got drunk way too early and my set was sloppy and lacking cohesion. i used to think i didn't need to depend on people's reaction as much but tuesday proved otherwise.

tonight on the other hand was wonderful. once in a while i fill in at a place called gstaad (still not completely sure how to pronounce it but it's a swiss word if you're interested in looking it up. the bar is gorgeous and is primarily a straight bar with the occasional neighborhood homo or friend of mine lurking around hehe. this is the first non gay gig i've ever had and that really excites me that i'm branching out thanks to my friend kevin who got me the trial run a couple months ago. the crowd is definitely on the caucasian and asian side and i've noticed that not many people react to really anything but one another. the music is definitely background for them but every now and then i will see someone bopping their head or saying 'thank you' to me as they leave. tonight my brother mel stopped by and he's one of those people who's opinion is very important to me not just because he's one of my best friends but because his taste in music and a lot of other things is primo. an amazing dancer, he had to fight himself not to bust a move where he was standing. i wouldn't have minded...i could stand and stare at him dancing for hours hehe. the night though, started lovely. the first song i played was 'haunted' by poe, fresh from my set of cds i made for the mischief night party. i'm addicted to burning at least 1 to 8 new cds for every single one of my gigs...it's a problem but a good one in my opinion hehe. suddenly, the bartender (his name is gates) came up to me and introduced himself and said "what a way to start your set with poe!" that made my night...the most important thing for me wherever i spin is at least pleasing the staff because they have to listen to me the whole damn night and the last thing i want to be to a new group of people i work with is obnoxious...i'm only comfortably obnoxious to people i know for a while haha.
again he made me happy at the end of the night when he asked what other places in the city i play at. i replied with my business card and with a witty "i guess that means you liked it". he laughed and said "yes". i'll be back there on the 16th of november (which happens to be my fifth year anniversary to the day i first stepped behind the booth at 'the urge' starting my mini career as DJ Chauncey D, the disco scientist of love).
so you win some and you lose some...luckily i'm sore either way hehe here's a dirty chauncey treat that i could probably get away with playing at any of my venues...whether it's to make people go crazy on the dance floor or push someone over the edge and make the decision to go home and fuck the person's brains out they were hitting on the whole night...yes it's that dirty of a track...enjoy...i know i will every time i hear it

the colder - to the music (optimo espacio mix)



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